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EFT Tapping Tips

EFT Tapping Tips - Creativity I


We are innately creative but it often gets suppressed along the way. Here are some suggestions for how to reclaim it.

EFT Tapping Tips - Creativity II


Tap with me on making some great choices which will enhance your creativity.

EFT Tapping Tips for Emotional Shock


Everyone has experienced some sort of emotional shock and the stress response can be stored in the body for many years. Here is some tapping to help you clear it.

EFT Tapping Tips for Procrastination


Are you ready to defeat procrastination and take action? Here are some ideas on how to do that.


Introduction to EFT Tapping Tips


Introduction to EFT Tapping Tips with Margaret Munoz


EFT Tapping Tips for Feeling Stuck


Here's some hints for how to move from feeling stuck into a state of flow.


EFT Tapping Tips on When to Tap


An often asked question is "when should I tap" - here are some answers.


EFT Tapping TIps for Prayers and Poems


Learn about using EFT Tapping to enhance your favourite prayers, poems and verses.


EFT Tapping for stress and tension


A tapping guide with Margaret Munoz: Tangible Results for stress and tension.