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Your work has not only helped me to release many fear based beliefs that I have held onto for many years, it has empowered me to handle the surprises that life seems to throw up every once on a while, at the most inopportune times.

I have regained the confidence to step out of the shadows, believe in myself and follow my dreams and find the true purpose of my life, sharing my gifts and experiences.

Thank you for always being encouraging, never judging and always offering me to see the greatness that I am, that we all are. You are an inspiration, not only with your work, but the way you live your life."

I had been searching for an EFT practioner for about 5 yrs on and off. I have tried about 4 other people but none of them had the right combination that I was looking for. I needed someone with the Spiritual basis, the life wisdom & experience, feet on the ground, logic/ science as well as the expertise in EFT. To my absolute delight, Margaret is the whole package for me.

I really felt stuck but knew once I started releasing blockages that I would start moving forward. I had done so much work on myself over the last 20yrs but the inner & the outer were not in alignment. Margaret has already helped me release some yukky traumas that were stuck inside that are now no longer there to hold me back. I have a lot more onion layers to peel back but with Margaret's help and the EFT I know it's just a matter of time till I am reaching my fullest highest life. It's really exciting."
Kaz Buckley

Working with Margaret has had a profound effect on me. It’s as if she held up a mirror in which I could see the internal patterns from my formative years playing out in my life today. Margaret has helped me to target and move through some critical scenarios, which ultimately transported me to a new playing field. I found Margaret so easy and delightful to work with, and I am extremely grateful for her guidance and support."
Danielle Rodgers

Because of the information I've got from your teachings my life has been transformed and my learning accelerated exponentially, and I know your teachings were a vital stepping stone to where I am today.... so I'd like to THANK YOU for your dedication to your work and to sharing these teachings.Your work is truly inspirational and what you do is a great service to everyone that's in search of a better life."
Leyla Brigatti

Through this profoundly simple technique I have created more space in my personal and work life and have been able to achieve things I never thought were possible. Through Margaret's work, I have brought a standard of excellence to many parts of my life where previously there was a lot of fear, anxiety and mediocrity."
Andrew Firth

You are amazing!!...your work is amazing. Behind the processes that you use and teach is a woman of extreme sensitivity with superb insight and a wide range of skillful strategies to support each challenge as it arises. You are very special."
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth, 2003 World President
- International Federation of Professional Speakers

Do you want to know what it feels like when a practitioner is really listening, really understanding, really focussed and doesn't feel the need “to do” or advise but instead be a guide, to look within in complete safety?  It feels like a burden has been taken off my shoulders. I am being told I am a person of value, that I am worth listening to.
Margaret has brought me through despair, grief, loss and childhood hurts to relief, hope, balance and confidence as I journey on."

Margaret is a smart, knowledgeable and highly intuitive women. Using EFT and other tools in her ‘bag of tricks’ she has helped me see things more clearly. If you have found yourself in ‘ground-hog day’ or stuck in a rut, then it’s time to see Margaret. She has gracefully help me to melt away self imposed barriers and gain more perspective on what truly matters to me."
John Petrozzi

The intangible outcomes are internal and feeling fully present has increased my effectiveness as a coach. My belief in the limitless possibilities of what I can create has empowered me to choose much bigger for myself. My increased self confidence and congruency act like a magnet for people and I have been stunned by the feedback I have received from people about how I am now showing up in the world. In a word I feel completely ALIVE!"
Linda Sultmann - Business Coach

I was excited, yet really scared of the challenge of the Bridge Climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I am not good with heights, have a history of “freaking out” in high exposed places and was terrified I wouldn’t be able to tackle those narrow walkways and ladders that lead onto and off the wider main ark of the bridge.

After tapping with Margaret, both in a workshop and then a private phone session I was able to complete the Bridge Climb with a confidence and enjoyment that surprised me. I am now a firm believer in the power of Margaret’s work in overcoming fears and negative beliefs in an incredibly simple process"
Wendy Buckingham -Author, Speaker, Coach

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful gift of EFT and your guidance that enabled me after only three sessions to make such fantastic changes to my life.

To date I have managed to begin to forge new relationships within my family which was causing me such pain and depression. I can honestly say I feel like we have a chance of being a 'real' family again after so much disruption and fragmentation. I have also put in place changes in other areas of my life that are assisting me to work towards much improved mental and physical health.

I was totally amazed at your understanding and grasp of my desperation at our first consultation, and so encouraged and supported by this great gift of your insightfulness, I was able to take the first tentative steps towards getting my life back on track. I still look forward to working with you and making other great discoveries as we travel the path of the future together."
Pat Thomson

I have found the last few weeks, since my first session with Margaret, some of the most freeing and empowering of my life. Her intuition and compassion help you cut to the heart of the matter and the tapping techniques get you into solutions very quickly. Energy blocks that seemed unsurpassable have shifted strongly to make way for positive and productive energy. I'm finding life and work much more enjoyable, rewarding and fun."
Harvey James

I have been a big fan of tapping for a number of years now and remain delighted with the results that the process continues to achieve. However, I do find that all too frequently I forget its power and how it can also be used effectively for physical pain.
I run my own business and when I put my neck out it caused me to take 2 days in bed. Having already tried massage to solve the problem, I then took 2 visits to a cranial specialist and ended up at my local GP’s being given a muscle relaxant for the pain. Before I had time to take any of the prescribed medicine I had the good fortune of working with Margaret who ‘unjammed’ the blockage with tapping within 45 minutes.
I could hardly believe that after 5 days of suffering severe pain and movement restriction (and having been advised that rest was probably the only option left), it was completely gone so rapidly. Thank-you for your amazing work Margaret, and for reminding me of the power of tapping."
Emma – Business Owner

“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your book launch for ‘Create Prosperity’. What an exciting night! The number of people who crammed into the store to hear you talk was a testament to how well you practise what you teach. Thank you for bringing abundance and prosperity into my life and so many other people's through your work. Your books are life changing and should be required reading for anyone looking for a roadmap for their own guided journey to prosperity."
Andrew Hill-Male – Director, Hilltop-Mail

I have been to many therapists over the years, but not one of them could get the results Margaret could with me. I came to her feeling at the end of my tether, not particularly hopeful in getting results, but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I did feel relief. I will not hesitate to recommend Margaret to my friends or anyone who needs help. Thank you so much Margaret!"
Alex Simms

Hi Margaret, I’ve just enjoyed your Newsletter and by gee it is good. I’ve said it before but your command of the English language is outstanding and your ability to bring forth one part of a subject and then smoothly move that into another is very skilled. It is an honest newsletter and you are not afraid to put over your own limitations which give me, the reader, a sense of normality rather than “teaching”. I CONGRATULATE you again for the product that you give to us all. Lots of love Anne"
Anne Quessy, JP

The results from Margaret’s course were incredible. I am now offering my services to friends as a speaker whenever the opportunity arises. The other wonderful aspect of the course is that I am able to apply the simple techniques learnt to many other aspects of my life. I would urge anyone suffering from a lack of confidence in any area of their life to attend a Tangible Results seminar and benefit as I did from this amazing technique."
Kristian Andersen

Margaret, you are amazing. You have changed my life forever. Your inner strength, wisdom and understanding have shown me the way to the freedom of realising my own inner light and power. The simple yet effective techniques you use are empowering, thought provoking and inspiring and have helped me regain my passion in life and control of my destiny.”
Lynda Chachaty

The name for Margaret's business is Tangible Results which is absolutely on the mark - I get tangible results every time. I often realise a few days after practicing EFT with Margaret, that things that I found difficult no longer feel that way and I will notice changes in my thinking and behaviour that I've been wanting to shift for some time. It's a bit like magic really - the hard work is taken out for you."
Dianne Adamson, Adamson & Associates

Workshop comments:

The information was not "presented" - it was masterfully woven through a guided journey.
Very intelligent and knowledgeable with great insight into the human mind and heart.

You are a phenomenal facilitator and an extraordinary person.

You live your information so it is even more powerful.

I love your ability to focus on the issue confronting someone and bring it into relevance for the whole group so everyone learns and can relate to it.

You are delightful, concise, positive, a very good teacher. You really get the message across.

You were a model of congruency.

and the results:

I have greater clarity and a sense of high aspirations being achievable.
I reconnected with the whole of me and remembered I am OK!
My fears have been allayed and I feel more confident.
I feel freer and more peaceful.
I feel more certain, confident, relaxed and in control.
It gave me a safe and secure environment to face up to my everyday issues.
I'm ready to leave fear out of the mix.
I feel a great sense of peace and clarity.