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a weekly online group

A new programme

I work with individual clients but I wanted to create another option for people wanting to work with me that is low cost, flexible and easily accessible.  

What is it?

It's a small group programme that uses Zoom Video to connect us online so we can get together to tap on whatever issues participants  bring to the group.  It is not a teaching webinar but is wholly experiential and designed to get you the results you want. 

We will be exploring how to have the freedom from what you DON'T want, so you can have the freedom to experience what you DO want. 

We'll be clearing self-judgement, negative emotions, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, so you can enjoy greater inner peace, joy, love, contentment and fulfillment as you connect to your true nature and learn to live out the highest vision you hold for yourself. 

It's flexible

The tapping group will be held every week on a Tuesday evening and is very flexible in that you can attend weekly, twice a month or drop in when you feel the need. If you're not sure about it you can sign up for one session to check it out and see how it is for you. 

Who is this programme for?

It's for people who want to transform an area of their life and create a whole new future for themselves. 

  • If you are feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed you may want to be able
    to access feelings of peace, calm and confidence.

  • If you are feeling frustrated and stuck at not being able to undertake the action
    necessary to achieve the big goals you have, you may want to have the satisfaction
    and fulfillment of allowing your creativity and action to flow.

  • If you're suffering from challenging circumstances that you're having difficulty navigating, you may want to feel supported as you gain new perspectives, and explore previously unknown ways of responding.

  • If you're frustrated at your financial situation and never being able to get ahead, you may be seeking to release limiting beliefs and the negative conditioning that keep you in lack.

All issues are welcome and the group is open to experienced tappers and practitioners who want to work on themselves as well as complete beginners.  It's okay if you have never tapped before - you will soon learn - and anyhow it's like "follow the leader" so you can't come unstuck!

"I had the most amazing breakthrough that brought about new clarity for me and why my life has been as it is.  Margaret's groups are thought-provoking and exciting, and she brings humour, grace and empathy to them, as well as being inspiring through her own achievements." - Shirley Tulk

Are you tired of not moving forward?

You may have been putting up with a situation or how you feel for a long time.  What is the price you are paying for that?  And if you continue in the same way what is the accumulated price going to be?

Allow me to encourage you to make the jump, get on board the group, give it a go - you have nothing to lose with my money back guarantee, and everything to gain. Give that gift to yourself. 

How will the group programme work?

In the sessions I will be working one-on-one with whoever choose to do that.  I have found through running groups in the past, we don't have to work with everyone each time. 

One of the amazing things is the alchemical magic that happens in a group of people with shared intentions and whoever is working with me is also clearing for the rest of the group as they tap along at the same time.  This means you don't have to do all the work yourself!

As we identify what's getting in your way and clearing that with EFT Tapping you'll have the support of other people in the group. Often you will benefit when what someone voice brings awareness to what you need to address.  

It's fascinating how a natural theme often arises - it might be fears, another time lack of self-esteem, or it may be that everyone has financial issues.  Just know that you'll always in the the right place and get what you need. 

It's not necessary for you to share anything personal that you would like to keep private - you will still be able to get a powerful result. 

I have regained the confidence to step out of the shadows, believe in myself, follow my dreams, and find the true purpose of my life, sharing my gifts and experiences.  Thanks you for always being encouraging, never judging and always offering me to see the greatness that I am, that we all are."
- Rob D

How I work with participants

You may find me quite different if you have worked with other EFT practitioners, or are a practitioner yourself.  I follow the principle "whatever works" because I am absolutely committed to a transformational outcome.  I use various forms of tapping and delve into a huge toolbox of resources accumulated from 30 years of my own personal and spiritual development. 

I am also focused not only on ending the feelings of being stuck and clearing the past but on having participants create new experiences and achieve their goals. 

And it is my intention that each person will leave the call feeling lighter, calmer, liberated from past conditioning, inspired by new perspectives, motivated to take new action and aligned with their intentions. 

That all sounds very serious but we will have a good laugh too! Be warned thought, my humour is a bit dry as i come from a Yorkshire background. 

"I was looking for someone with the spiritual basis, the life wisdom and experience, feet on the ground, logic/science, as well as the expertise in EFT.  To my absolute delight, Margaret is the whole package for me". 
- Kaz Buckley

The programme format and reservations

The Tapping for Results Group runs every Tuesday night via Zoom Video from 7-8.30 AEST, costs $39.95 incl GST and every evening is complete in itself.  When you book for the event you will receive the link to attend. 

As you can check out the programme without making a long-term commitment, why not reserve your space for one session and see what happens!

I invite you to join me on a transformational journey by BOOKING HERE.  You'll see the dates that are available on the Eventbrite site.  

Please contact me if you have any questions at all. 

Your facilitator

Margaret Munoz, ND, DBM, DipCH, MIICT, is fiercely committed to supporting people who wish to live the truest, highest vision they hold for themselves. 

A consultant, speaker, facilitator and the author of "The Power of Tapping" and "Create Prosperity", her skills and knowledge have been accumulated through 30 years exploration and study in the fields of human potential, personal growth, spiritual development, and holistic health.  She now specialises in energy psychology, using the potent tools of Emotional Freedom Techniques and Faster EFT to create profound transformation. 

Highly regarded by her clients for her deeply insightful nature, an uncanny ability to identify core issues, and a flair for injecting humour into any situation, Margaret is a powerful catalyst for creating change and inspiring people to take action.  


a weekly online group