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Women's Greatness Group

What a big injection of positive energy I received from the Women's Greatness Group afternoon tea on Saturday. It was interesting to note as we shared with each what we were celebrating in our life and what great quality we know we posess, how the level of connection increased and the energy rose. It was great to hear stories of how people's lives are changing through meeting at the group.

I read out the following suggestions for 3 rules you could set yourself from Howard Glasser's book "You are Oprah"

  1. I REFUSE to forget to deepen and propel my own greatness. I will fiercely energise and nurture nothing but greatness in myself and others.
  2. I REFUSE to accidentally energise negativity - that is, experiences other than greatness.
  3. I REFUSE to look the other way when I cross the line into negativity. I will actively remember to reset and use that as an impetus to go further into greatness.

Yes, these rules arechallenging - to say the least - but even attempting them is tolift our energyand attract more positive experiences into our life.

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