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When a Challenge Hits

When a Challenge Hits

There are times in our life when everything seems to be going along pretty fine, and we may even find we're taking things for granted.  But it's quite likely at some stage we'll be faced with considerable challenges whether it's at work, in our relationships, with our kids, our health, an addiction, with an accident or trauma, or a loved one dying.  Some of these things can really take us down and we have to take advantage of all the resources we can summon.  I've been having to do that so here are some of the things I'm learning along the way.  

Persist with Finding Solutions

Sometimes it can seem as if there just isn't an answer.  And indeed sometimes the answer needs to be acceptance and coming to peace with a situation that simply cannot be changed.  But in some circumstances we may need to dig in and keep going in search of solutions despite the setbacks.  

Months of seeking answers to my health issues failed to come up with anything.  Tests didn't show anything, doctors completely negated my experience, which I found most distressing, while some wonderful health practitioners did their best but still didn't have any answers.  

But just as I was beginning to despair, and trying to combat my fear of what was happening in my body, I kept following my intuition, taking action and finally landed in front of a doctor who does have answers.  A lot of answers!  And after another round of completely different tests will have even more.  Who has declared that while not easy or short term, there is a way forward to greater wellness once more. Much relief and gratitude!

So keep persisting to find solutions, despite people negating your experience in whatever area you are challenged. 

Tap Like Crazy!

Now, I have an embarrassing confession to make here.  I realised in retrospect that I forgot to tap even as I was being driven to Emergency! And a good friend asked me if I was tapping on the high blood pressure spikes I was experiencing.  Oops - the answer to that would be "no". 

I understand why, because when we are at our most stressed, we can lose the capacity to do what might otherwise seem obvious.  So it's good to have something or someone to remind us.  Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, always declared "Try it on everything".  And this is so worthwhile.  One day with a combination of tapping and yoga breathing I got my BP down 58 points in 20 minutes and so now I use it for that as well as all the other things I was using it on.  

Cultivate Compassion and Kindness

No, not for other people - for yourself!  If you're one of those people who could declare "I'm so hard on myself" join the club.  But it's a way of being that is radically unhelpful at the best of times and when we're under some sort of strain or stress, what we absolutely need is to treat ourselves with utmost kindness and care - which also means offloading all the "should's", and being totally supportive and encouraging to ourselves.   

So let's all practice together, because goodness knows, most of us need practice at this.  

Reach Out and Be Willing to Receive

I don't know what made me do it but I sat down one day and poured my heart out about what was happening for me and how I was navigating it, to the people who were at the spiritual retreat I went to at Easter.  I was overwhelmed at the outpouring of support and all the wisdom I received in the form of quotes and prayers which is really helping me along enormously.  

I have also reached out to family and friends - and discovered that I find it quite difficult to receive when I can't reciprocate and people are willing to go out of their way for me.  I work with many of my clients on their inability to receive (which shows up especially with business owners being unable to charge their worth or sell their services) so the old adage that you teach what you need to learn is true.  

Stop Arguing with Reality

We have this tendency to resist what is - and often very strenuously.  Nothing else exists except this present moment because the past and the future only exist as mind forms.  But we live in the fantasy that this moment, where life is flowing through us, shouldn't be as it is.  

Teachers such as Byron Katie say that this is actually the only problem we have - the mind arguing with the way things are.  I have been doing quite a lot of arguing of late!  And noticing the futility of it.  So I'm learning to drop my resistances and because my symptoms are often random and sudden so I can no longer plan my life, I'm being forced to live much more in the present.  

I look at these sorts of learnings as the opportunities that are also inherent in every challenge. 

Choose Love Instead of Fear

The Course in Miracles says there are only two responses - love or fear.  As we grow more conscious of our responses we can start to see which we are choosing.  I have kept tipping into fear quite a lot.  One day was especially bad when I had no idea what was happening to me, no-one else seemed to know and I felt helpless to do anything about it.  It's interesting though, as I recognise I have gone into fear and make a conscious decision to change that to a loving response, I can feel a shift inside myself.  

Try asking yourself the question, "Is this a loving response or a fearful response?" Tapping can help to get you out of the fear and into the more resourceful state of a loving response.  That's another reason I've been tapping like crazy!  

Grieve Your Losses

Grieving is an essential part of life and not nearly enough credence is given to it in our society.  Losses come in so many different forms both major and minor.  Sometimes we just pass them by, and yet they linger in our psyche and stop us from moving on if we don't do our grieving.   

I've had to cancel going to my next spiritual retreat because of my health - and I hadn't realised how important it was to me until the tears arrived.  But as someone pointed out to me - it is good to recognise what is important in one's life.  And our grieving can inform us of that.  Allow it. 

Be Grateful and Notice Wonders

When I start to feel sorry for myself a quick cure is to turn on the news!  It reminds me of how much I have to feel grateful for, and because energy follows focus (and gratitude has a very high vibration) I have really been putting focus every day on all I have to feel grateful for, which is just so much.  In fact the more I focus on what there is to feel grateful for the more I find - it becomes endless.  I am especially grateful that because I work from home I can still do the work I love with my clients, which brings me such joy. 

As I become more present I notice the wonders of our world more.  I was intently watching the sparkles of light on the water across from my home, and it's true what Henry Miller said, "The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself".

And this is just for starters!  I hope some of this resonates with you and if you could do with some help navigating a challenge please contact me - I'm very much in the spirit!

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