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What is possible?

On the weekend I enjoyed a wonderful yoga retreat day with my friend Jane Kagan, which also involved floating in her swimming pool which overlooks national park bush. Bliss. Oh, and eating incredibly yummy food!  Afterwards we were talking about how my body had changed these past few years - especially in terms of increased flexibility and range of movement.  I've lived with a lot of restrictions in my muscles and joints as well as joint damage in my feet from having gout when I was only 22.  

But I believe in the possibility of transformation even where transformation doesn't seem possible and with a determined effort my body is in a far better state now than it was when I was much younger.  In fact I seem to be going in reverse, my body is becoming stronger and healthier as I age!   Jane, who works with a lot of people on their overall health, commented how she came across many people who thought they just had to put up with things the way they were and that people needed to know that all manner of change is possible.  

So here I am to tell you that!  Don't settle for how things are - your health or anything else.  Ignore what other people tell you is not possible and spend your time focusing on the actions you need to take to create what it is you want to accomplish. 

And feel free to drop me a line about what you have turned around.    

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