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I was lucky enough to hear the fascinating scientist, visionary and scholar, Gregg Braden, speak when he was in Sydney recently. I am now reading his book “The Divine Matrix” which explains some of the latest understanding of the nature of our world and how we can use this knowledge to consciously create our lives.

He gives much food for thought – even in the introduction! He says it’s our power to recognise and apply four landmark discoveries that determine everything from our healing to the success of our relationships and careers. They are:

  1. There is a field of energy that connects all of creation.
  2. This field plays the role of a container, a bridge, and a mirror for the beliefs within us.
  3. The field is nonlocal and holographic. Every part of it is connected to every other, and each piece mirrors the whole on a smaller scale.
  4. We communicate with the field through the language of emotion.

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