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Wake Up Sydney

I just received an email from the wonderfully wiseJono Fisher of Wake Up Sydney and the Kindness Revolution ( I love this personal reflection from him - "I have just returned from a silent retreat and am feeling creatively regenerated. I love slowing down and reflecting on what is really important to me. Our modern society is changing very quickly, yet the nature of the mind has never changed. It feels to me that the most important “technology” we have to access is learning how to tame our minds and uncover our natural kindness for ourselves and each other. From this place, we can liberate ourselves into change agents of fierce love and deep peace."

And what he says to those people joining in the Kindness Revolution- "Thank you for putting your hand up for living a kinder, creative and more adventurous life. Your life deeply counts...and as you continue to show more friendliness and warmth towards yourself, take more risks and honour the so-called “tiny” acts of kindness, your life becomes a great gift to the world. Every act of kindness (towards yourself and others) uplifts the world...and there is no such thing as a kind act that is too small."

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