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Understanding the Internal Blocks to Business Success and How to Clear Them

Business causes you to bump up against your beliefs about yourself and the world

Being in business for yourself, no matter what form it takes, Is akin to being on the biggest personal development course you could ever enrol in! Running a business, large or small, causes you to bump up against your beliefs about yourself and the world. It reflects your habitual patterns as well as your comfort zones around money and success. This article is for you if you feel that you are not in flow but are instead limiting yourself in some way, perhaps not doing what you feel like you’re capable of doing, and not achieving your potential or the potential of your business.

Do you:

  • Procrastinate on doing the tasks that you know would move your business forward?
  • Charge less than your products or services are worth?
  • Earn less money than you know you could?
  • Hold back from marketing yourself?
  • Suffer from “sales call reluctance”?
  • Have great ideas that you don’t implement?
  • Get anxious when communicating about your business either in front of a live audience or through the different forms of media?
  • Go into overwhelm at all there is to do and know?
  • Stop yourself from doing something unless it’s going to be perfect?

Try an experiment for a moment. Put down anything you’re holding and cross your arms in front of your chest. Now unfold them and cross them again – this time the other way. Bet you had to think about that – and notice how it feels somehow uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Now unfold them again and cross them for the third time without thinking too much about it. The odds are you will cross them the way you did the first time. Yes, we have our physical comfort zones but we also have our mental and emotional ones too.

For the most part to achieve your business goals you will have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. One of my favourite quotes is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. The challenge is finding out where the limitations are coming from, and how to free yourself of them together with the frustrations they create, so you can move forward.

When you set a business goal – say an income or sales target for the month – it starts off as an idea, a thought in your head. You might subsequently write it down because you’ve been told it’s good to write down your goals or it’s in your business plan. The challenge is to then convert this into the physical reality – into clients saying I want to work with you or buy your product, and hence into money in your bank account. What happens as you go through this process of implementation is that you behave as a result of the conditioning and experiences that happened to you as a child which formed your beliefs about yourself and the world – which weren’t necessarily conducive to running a successful, satisfying and profitable business.

Research informs us that the beliefs on which we run our life are all formed before the age of 6 and sit largely in your subconscious – dictating your life nevertheless. Imagine you’re in a car zooming down the freeway, in the left hand lane, sticking to the speed limit of course, when in your mirror you see a car coming up in the outside lane and you say to yourself, “gee he’s going fast”. And then suddenly he disappears. Where has he gone? Into the blind spot that’s where. So if you didn’t look around before you moved lanes you’d crash. In just the same way it can be difficult to see what past experiences are causing the current situation in your business – they are outside your awareness.

Let me give you some examples of how beliefs we either inherited or decided upon because of experiences can affect our ability to run a business. My parents were both Methodists and Methodists believe in being humble and self-effacing. I was always told “Don’t blow your own trumpet” and “Don’t get above your station in life”. So tell me – how am I, as a self-employed businesswoman, supposed to market myself if I can’t blow my own trumpet? Incidentally it was many years before I realised the effect of these messages. Take another example – it’s quite likely you had it drummed into you never to talk to strangers. You were alerted to “Stranger Danger”. The message was (and still is), that talking to strangers is dangerous to your safety and wellbeing. And then you are expected to cold call and network with strangers!

Oprah said on her last show that what she had discovered over the years caused her to believe that feelings of unworthiness lay at the heart of all our difficulties – and my experiences in my own life and in my consulting practice lead to me to agree. I always find the bottom line is our relationship with ourselves. Feelings of unworthiness, not being good enough, not being deserving, can all lead to you limiting how you do business.

If you don’t feel good enough you won’t put yourself out into the market place in the fullest possible way. If you are not worthy of receiving you won’t allow yourself to receive a large income. And the anxiety caused by these feelings is transmitted to others. The proverbial wisdom is that people do business with people they know, like and trust. If you are not comfortable with yourself then other people pick that up.

All your beliefs and conditioning come to form what’s called your core identity, which is about how you see yourself and governs everything about your life, from your weight, to your friends, your partner, the house you live in, the money that you earn and indeed how successful you are in business. For instance, I had one client whose goal was to be wealthy and financially independent and he had all the skills and talents to do that, but he found that every time the money started rolling in, he did something to sabotage it. He even lost his house and when I saw him he was doing very well again yet really concerned about how the sabotage might show up next. What we discovered was that his family were English working class and proud of it. So when he started making a lot of money he was going against his core identity of being working class and hence betraying his family and his roots.

Another client came to see me because he was puzzled and frustrated with the way he procrastinated in taking action in his business by doing lots of unnecessary things when on the whole he was pretty successful – which made him feel like an idiot. Yes, you guessed it – his father had called him an idiot all the time – and worse when he was drunk. So his conscious mind knew he had a university degree and a lot of skill and knowledge, but his subconscious mind was running another message.

In running your business perhaps, like this businessman, you have the feeling of being two different people and the reason for this is that you do have two different minds operating and they function in different ways.

Your conscious mind (CM) is your creative, imaginative, thinking mind, whereas your subconscious mind (SM) is like a tape player – it records experiences and then plays it back. They do work together but are fundamentally different and the thing to note is that the SM processes 1 million times faster than the CM. Yes, that’s right – 1 million times faster. We’d like to think that our CM is running the show but we would be wrong – in fact our SM is running our lives 95-99% of the time. So in fact it is running your business 95-99% of the time! Hence the discrepancy between what you think you can do in your business and what actually shows up.

The programmes that are running your business came from the other people around you – parents, relatives, teachers or whoever else was in your life when you were young. If your SM has been filled with positive tapes of feeling loved, acknowledged, cared for, appreciated and being told that you are intelligent, creative and capable of achieving anything you set out to do, that money is good and you deserve to have it, these are programmes that support you in achieving a satisfying and successful business. But if you had experiences which caused you to believe the world was a dangerous place, that you weren’t good enough, you shouldn’t be conceited, you didn’t deserve to have what you wanted, people left you, money was scarce and hard to come by, life was a struggle – or a zillion other possibilities – then they won’t be supporting you to run your business the way you want to. That desire comes from your CM which has all sorts of positive intentions for your business.

And the trouble is when you hold a belief you keep creating from that belief so that as time goes by your SM becomes absolutely convinced that the belief is true – after all, look at the evidence you’ve accumulated! You mustn’t be good enough because you don’t have enough clients, you mustn’t be deserving because you don’t have the money.

The good news in all of this is that there is something that can be done to clear the programmes that are dictating the success of your business – as well as the rest of your life. We now know how to interact with the subconscious programming in a way that changes it and hence changes what people can create in their life. This is relatively new knowledge which is enhancing the ability of all those who use it to live more closely to the potential that their CM knows is available to them.

Some of the most effective ways of engaging with the SM to remove the programming and put some new programming in its place are found in the field of energy therapies. One of the best known and most widely used is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) because it’s simple, powerful, safe, effective and gentle. It can be used by anyone – and you can also use it on yourself. EFT accesses your energy through the meridian system used in acupuncture through an easy tapping on the end points of the meridians with your fingers on your face and body. The energy that flows through our meridians is our life force and our energy flow links the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and connects us to the energetic fields that surround us – including those which contain the programming.

Matrix Reimprinting is an advanced use of EFT which helps to identify and resolve core issues at speed. You can connect with, and find relief from, the original experience that causes the current symptoms so the behaviours and negative situations you attract dissolve away. You use your own inner guidance, knowing and intuition to find resolution. And even if the originating experience lies outside your awareness and conscious memory it can still be accessed and resolved. If you have found yourself doing the same thing over and over again, Matrix Reimprinting can end this cycle finally so that you can respond in healthier ways.

As you generate positive images, beliefs and ways of relating to yourself they create a more powerful resonance and so start to attract more positive experiences into your life. In fact your business, as well as the rest of your life, can start to unfold in a completely different direction.

You can gain more skills, more knowledge and more experience, and that will all assist in growing your business, but the bottom line is that the fastest way of transforming your business is to transform the limiting beliefs and conditioning that have, up till now, been running your business. When you change those the skills and knowledge and experience that you have can be put into practice to so much greater effect.

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