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Tips for Tapping

Here's the deal.  It's difficult to shift deeper issues without another person who is standing outside of the belief, judgement, memory or emotional response.  By the same token there is a lot you CAN do on your own and even if you are seeing a professional, which I advise, especially in situations involving trauma, your progress will be all the more rapid if you tap on a regular basis.  

The thing is, you have to tap in the first place to get a result and this seems to be one of the biggest issues!  "I don't have time", and "I don't remember to" are common refrains, while the perfectionists say "I'm not sure what to say", or "I'm not sure if I'm doing it right".  If you have time to be sick, angry, anxious, upset or in pain etc. you have time to tap. (You might want to make 'less Facebook, more Tapping' your motto!) And tapping is much more forgiving than we are - it will do some good regardless of correctness.  

My attitude to tapping is that it is a life skill and no matter how much of my past I clear or how well I feel, I will still be tapping all the time because there will always be daily challenges to face. It's not something I will ever stop doing. 

There are two modes of tapping - sitting down in a focused session or on the move.

1.  A focused session

  • Set a regular time to tap.  Put a reminder in one of more of your devices and commit to it like you would anything else that is essential to your wellbeing.  
  • You can use this time to work on long standing issues, or an upset that has just occurred.
  • If you journal it can be good to tap in conjunction with that. 
  • Start with wherever you are at.  If you are lost and don't know what to do, start with that.  If you are feeling angry, start with that.  

2.  On the move

  • This can be tapping while doing other things - in the shower or at the traffic lights to maximise your time, or when a situation occurs that triggers you. 
  • If you are somewhere you can't physically tap then IMAGINE the points. Read a client story of how effective mind tapping can be.
  • Don't give your power away to other people because you are afraid of what they might think.  Tap anyway!
  • Or if your desk/work environment really isn't the place, go to the bathroom to tap. You'll come back able to continue on in a more productive or empowered way. 
  • Remember you can use tapping as first aid.    

And a few general hints:

  1. As you tap be prepared for unexpected things to pop up. I was tapping on a sense of helplessness when up popped the words "I despise myself".  Whoa! That's not even a word I use. Another layer of truth revealed and there's more tapping to be done. 
  2. You may also find long forgotten memories suddenly appear. If they are positive, great.  If they are negative, great!  They surface so that we can clear and resolve them and go free from the burden of living under their influence each day.
  3. Watch out for the shift. We can be so intent on the problem that unless we pause and take stock we may not recognise that the feeling is gone or a cognitive shift has taken place. 
  4. The feeling you started with may be replaced by another feeling. I notice that very often when tapping with clients on a particular feeling there is a sadness that emerges from underneath. This also is to be tapped on.
  5. A cognitive shift may show up as having a different perspective on a past event or feeling more able to tackle a current situation. These cognitive shifts are one of the great blessings of tapping.  

I encourage you to embrace tapping as a way of life - a means to help you achieve the greatest fulfillment possible. And if you could use a helping hand please get in touch so we can have a chat about how your needs can be met.

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