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The Power of Curiosity

The Power of Curiosity

How many times a week do you refer to Google to find out something you don't know? It's really quite astonishing what answers can be found there!

However we tend to have many questions crop up that Google is not capable of finding an answer to. Questions about our own life, our own way of being.   And when we don't know the answer there can be a lot of tension, discomfort, perhaps anxiety or helplessness.  We can feel insecure - if we don't have the answer, how do we know what to do? How can we take action?    

What we'd really like is certainty!  And we tend to seek it from external sources. However to move from helplessness and anxiety to feeling powerful we need to connect to our own wisdom.  So we start to orient ourselves in a different way.  To be curious instead of anxious.  Curious about what there is to be discovered.  Curious about the possibilities.  In other words, to be on an adventure.

The adventure of being on a living quest filled with curious wonder.  And there is a way of framing the question so that we can sit with it and allow the answers to unfold while staying open and receptive.

"I wonder" is the start of the question.  You could ask "I wonder how, I wonder what, I wonder where, I wonder who.    

Here are some suggestions of the sort of "how" questions you could be living with on an ongoing basis.  

I wonder how I can create an extraordinary level of abundance.
I wonder how I can use my power to create what I want and desire. 
I wonder how I can connect more deeply with the purpose of my life.
I wonder how I can use the power I naturally extend to others on my own own behalf. 
I wonder how I can remove all the obstacles to receiving the love I deserve.
I wonder how I can step into a powerful growth orientation to breakdowns.
I wonder how I can show up in the face of this and take radical responsibility.
I wonder how I can experience vibrant health.

Or, for example 

I wonder what would happen if.......
I wonder who might be able to help me fix ..........
I wonder where would be the best place to ........

Don't try to answer the question with your mind.  Let it sit.  Sit in the question. Tap.  With trust that the answer will come - either through an insight, through situations that arise or the actions that you find yourself taking. 

Believe that all of life is supporting you in the unfolding of living in the question. It's a powerful way to live.   

Let me know what happens.  

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