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The Most Empowering Belief

The Most Empowering Belief

Do you think that life sucks?  That life is not on your side?  That it's a struggle?  That you're isolated, lacking, separate or unworthy?  

If so, join a big club. But the trouble is that the beliefs you hold rule your world.  And your beliefs are unceasingly in motion, influencing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. So the questions arise: "Do your beliefs enhance your life?  Are they supportive?  Resourceful?  Do they move you forward?

Or do they activate lack?  Life isn't working out.  I feel unloved.  I'm not enough.  I can't have what I want.  I'm betrayed.  It's not meant to be like this.

Because you act as a magnet through your energetic vibrations, you are always creating some sort of a reality for yourself. So good to contemplate how you can creative the most supportive reality.  And it's an interesting thing - when everything is going well you might talk about synchronicity, how things work out, how you feel guided, how you listened to your intuition.  Yet the moment things go pear-shaped there is the tendency to forget all that.  

So what to do about it?  You could tap out the negative first of all - here are some suggestions:

*Even though life feels such a struggle I choose to accept all of me.

*Even though I don't feel good enough to _______, I love and forgive myself.

*Even though I feel disappointed in my life ...

*Even though I don't have enough money ...

*Even though my life feels so stressful and difficult ...

*Even though no-one loves me ....

You can tap on whatever negative feelings or thoughts you have that come up for you.  

Then you need to look at how to create an empowered relationship with life instead of going to a place of fear, anxiety and reactivity when there is a breakdown.  This is a challenge which of course I have been confronting of late.  

The requirement is to open up with curiosity and wonder.  To become open and receptive to the deeper intelligence inside of yourself, which is connected to the energy and intelligence of life itself.  To know that life wants for you what you want for yourself and that you are worthy and capable of receiving the things you desire.  

I learned what I think is the most empowering core point of view from the Feminine Power Global Community:  "All of life is organising around my success."  When you come from this perspective everything shifts.  I can see that my health issues, while being apparently negative, are helping me to grow and change and to awaken to new ways of being, and indeed throughout my life have been the driver of living my destiny.  How does it help you to see things in a different light?

You may know that as well as tapping out the negative you can also tap in the positive. As you tap round the points you can affirm new beliefs.  You may find that what Gary Craig calls "tail-enders" come up.  i.e. You affirm "all of life is organising around my success" and a little voice in your head goes "no it isn't"! No problem.  You then get to tap on "Even though I don't believe _______ ..."

Here we go:

*All of life is organising around my success

*Life supports me in all ways always.

*I am worthy and capable of receiving the things I desire.  (You can list these - e.g. love, abundance, harmonious relationships, fulfillment, creativity, freedom, full self-expression etc).

*Life wants for me what I want for myself.

*Life is on my side.

*I am open and receptive to all that life offers me.

*I have an empowered relationship with life.

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