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The Battle with the Body

Despite being away for the weekend I managed to catch a few sessions of the Pain Tapping Summit and particularly related to Carol Tuttle's presentation "The Battle without Bodies - finally finding peace". Having worked as a naturopath for many years before working in the energy healing field I am very well aware of how physical symptoms are a reflection of the state of our psyche and also of how we tend to look upon our bodies as the enemy when they don't function as we would wish them to do.

Carol talked about the way in which we end up in conflict with our body and the pain we feel in it. Our languaging supports this conflict - we fight the illness, do battle with the pain - and then feel defeated or discouraged. I loved her point that when you are doing battle you have to have something to oppose so you are setting yourself up in opposition to the very thing you are trying to heal! Not only that but when you have a battle, someone has to lose. Not exactly the way to generate the love which is ultimately what heals.

Energetically what you focus on expands, so when you focus on unwanted symptoms such as all the various sorts of pain the body can express, that pain is bound to expand - again not what we are after. So the goal here when you are sick or in pain is to be on the same side - make the pain your ally instead of your enemy.

Happily tapping can help us do that. We can tap on the symptoms and we can also tap on releasing the battle we are having with our body and create peace instead. We can forgive ourselves for being at war with ourselves and start to be on our own side. We can forgive ourselves for taking up this position and decide to look at things in a new and loving light to give our body the best chance of releasing the symptoms that it is putting forward for us to listen to. There is such a powerful connection between negative emotions and pain people are often surprised at how pain subsides when the unresolved emotions are taken care of. Do some tapping and find out for yourself.

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