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Tapping for Technostress

Tapping for Technostress

One woman said she felt like a cockroach that had rolled over on to its back with legs floundering in the air.  I knew then that I wasn't alone - only I wanted to flee to my latest favourite bolt hole in New Zealand.  

We'd been asked by a speaker at a meeting how we felt about the technology situation in our businesses, and as she continued elaborating the many apps, sites and goodness knows what else that was available to help us get organised, I was soon having to tap discreetly on the finger points to save me being triggered into a total meltdown of overwhelm.  

It didn't help to be told that what she was recommending today could, of course, have changed by next month.  Aaargh! 

However seeing as there is nothing to be done about the proliferation of technology and how incredibly fast it is tracking, I recognise the only point of power is to take care of my own responses.  Alongside all the many amazing benefits of technology - including being able to connect with people around the world - come the myriad frustrations when it doesn't work, or we don't know how to use it. Not to mention that sense of being overwhelmed while trying to navigate all the complexities that we have never had to deal with before. (I realise this only pertains to people of a certain age!)

I think we can use tapping to help us through this in two main ways:

1.  In the moment - like I did at the meeting.  Tap whenever you are in an emotional response to what is going on - your battery has died at a crucial time, your various systems won't synchronize, you can't understand how to do it or make it work, you have a zillion unopened emails, you can't decide which technology solution to use.  

The trouble is, it's easy to get so caught up in it you forget to tap in that moment on whatever your feeling response is - anger, frustration, helplessness, anxiety, overwhelm, so you can get yourself back in a resourceful state.  Post-it notes may be helpful as a reminder.  Setting an intention that this is what you are going to do, can lead to more consciousness around it.  

The object is to get yourself from the disempowered state to a more empowered, resourceful state as quickly as possible and tapping is one of the most effective ways of doing this. 

If you are out in public tapping around the finger points or karate chop point is easy and discreet - just focus on the feeling and tap - it will help to reduce the intensity.  

2.  When you know you have a particular issue, give yourself an assigned time to work on it.  Instead of focussing on the problem - for example too many emails or not knowing how to do something - focus on how it makes you feel.  Notice the sensations in your body and see if you can name the emotion and where you feel it.  As you tap you can say "I let this go, I let it go, I just let it go, it's safe to let it go".  Then check back in again and keep tapping to release whatever feelings have been triggered.  

What you can expect to find then, is that you feel stronger, more resourceful and there is also a cognitive shift.  Your mind actually starts to look for solutions instead of melting down.  

I'm always so grateful when this happens for me and am sure you will be too! 

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