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EFT Tapping for Trauma

The news of the hoax neck bomb in Sydney caused me to reflect: what if Madeleine had known how to tap on her fingers, what if the police woman who sat with her knew how to tap, what if her parents waiting for hours knew how to tap, what if her friends waiting in the street knew how to tap...... they'd be much less likely to undergo post traumatic stress disorder - which often doesn't show up immediately. Meridian tapping is so effective in clearing both past and currently occurring trauma that it's worth learning for that alone. The Pulvers certainly never expected to have to face such a traumatic situation so it's great to be prepared with such a simple technique that we always have literally at our fingertips which can be used in any situation. If you already know how to do it, then share it with other people so they can have it on board too. 

EFT for First Aid in Trauma

I have been very upset at the devastation and loss of life in Christchurch. I lived in the isolation of the Southern Alps for 7 months and Christchurch was my refuge of “civilisation” and such a lovely city. With all the natural disasters that have been striking as well as all the other traumas that can happen at any time it’s important for us to recognise the very real contribution that EFT can make at these times. It is a powerful and effective tool to use at any stage to mitigate shock and distress. 

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