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8 Health Benefits of Tapping

What does Tapping actually do? Happily, just as scientists have been unlocking many of the mysteries of the natural world, so too researchers have been unlocking the mysteries of tapping.   

Self-Compassion as Stress Management

It’s rather strange, don’t you think, that we tend to be so much more compassionate to other people who are suffering than to ourselves.  We offer concern, understanding and loving support to a friend, relative, colleague, or even a stranger, when they are in need, yet offer ourselves judgement and criticism, with some of it being decidedly harsh. 

Food Matters

Last week I enjoyed a two day yoga retreat with my friend Jane Kagan - what a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing environment she creates and how amazing it is what transformation can be brought about in 2 days.  I came home feeling clear and grounded with my body "ironed out".  What a different world it would be if we all had 2 days like that every month or two!  

Extreme Self-Care

I attended the Wake-Up Sydney! conference "A Time for Renewal" ( and one of the speakers, Gemma Summers, talked about the concept of extreme self-care, which she defined as the art of caring for ourselves in extreme times. And indeed we are facing a great deal of stress from many directions. Even technology, supposedly here to support us, causes stress in itself. I was fascinated to hear that getting enough sleep has been made a priority in the government's preventative health care agenda because people are up using some form of communications device when they need to be asleep. 

6 Tips for Getting Organised

Make sure everything in your home and office has a home. It’s much easier to take action towards fulfilling your dreams if you keep your life in some sort of order.  Anne Quessy who got me organized way back, thank goodness, provides some tips for you. 

6 Tips for Relieving Tension

At the moment we’re not only stressed with the usual stuff but with the endless upheaval going on in the world which now beams continually into our homes and offices. Not only are we faced with seeing the suffering of so many people but also with the uncertainty of what is next. All this stress leads to tension in our bodies – headaches, clenched jaw, neck pain, tight shoulders, shallow breathing, knots in the stomach – which in turn leads to further health problems and illness so it’s important to take action to relieve it – here are a few suggestions. 

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