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Subtle messages that sabotage

I often have clients say to me that they don't know where their challenges come from because they had a perfectly good upbringing in a loving family.  And I point out that even in the most loving families we still receive a lot of unhelpful messages in simple and often subtle ways.   

Understanding the Internal Blocks to Business Success and How to Clear Them

Business causes you to bump up against your beliefs about yourself and the world  

The upper limit for happiness

My mentor has been talking to me about what Gay Hendrick, author of "The Big Leap" calls the Upper Limit Problem. He says that when positive things occur in our lives we often have a negative emotional reaction triggered by thoughts such as "I don't deserve this","or This is too good to be true". Destructive or sabotaging behaviours are the result and serve as a roadblock to us achieving the happy satisfying lives that we want. I see that I have a belief about not being able to have what I want still operating to some degree. What belief do you hold that stops YOU from feeling great? 

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