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Tapping to Overcome the Negativity Bias of Your Brain

You know that bad news sells. It is negative events that attract saturation coverage, interruption of usual TV programming and wall to feature stories in the papers. But why? 

Making the impossible possible

This morning I was the proud attendee at an Australian Citizenship ceremony at which my friend Emma became an Australian Citizen. It was an occasion that some years ago seemed impossible to ever happen, yet here I was, sitting in the audience, a witness to this occurence. It signified the culmination of a long and difficult journey for someone who decided what they wanted and held to it with incredible resilience, determination, perseverence and persistent action. 

Women's Greatness Group

What a big injection of positive energy I received from the Women's Greatness Group afternoon tea on Saturday. It was interesting to note as we shared with each what we were celebrating in our life and what great quality we know we posess, how the level of connection increased and the energy rose. It was great to hear stories of how people's lives are changing through meeting at the group. 

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