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The Argument

As I got up from my seat on the ferry, there was a woman in the aisle wearing a gorgeous purple top with matching purple hair.  Purple is a favourite colour and I was thinking of having purple streaks myself so I said to her "I love your hair, it looks great".  Imagine my surprise when she turned around and told me firmly that it looked all washed out, it needed redoing, it was normally much brighter.  And she capped it off with the damning indictment "in fact it looks cheap"   

Stop Leaking Your Energy

Where are you leaking your energy? Leaking energy. What does that mean? Well I first heard the expression from medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, Carolyn Myss ( and over the years I've gained much more understanding of what it means. And it's a really important concept to grasp, especially as we always seem to be so tired these days. Anything that can save us a bit of energy has to be helpful. 

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