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Are You About To Get Hit By A Mack Truck?

No, not because you are walking out into the road with your head buried in your phone, but because you are not listening to your body and overriding the alert that it’s giving you. 

The Most Empowering Belief

Do you think that life sucks?  That life is not on your side?  That it's a struggle?  That you're isolated, lacking, separate or unworthy?   

Are Your Fueling You?

A crackling bonfire under the stars, marshmallows getting both eaten and lost in the embers, sparklers twirling, kids playing chase in the dark, dogs getting all the pats they want.  A glorious bush walk in interesting company, to a stunning viewpoint where tea and cake appeared. An energising game of basketball where you could break the rules and the goals weren’t counted.  Yes, my friend’s birthday weekend was not just enjoyable (and I haven’t even mentioned the yummy meals), it provided fuel for body and soul.     

6 Tips for Making Decisions

Decision making starts the moment you wake up! Whether you’ll get out of bed immediately or stay a bit longer.  What you’re going to wear.  What you’re going to eat for breakfast or perhaps deciding if you have time for breakfast.  Some of these decisions are made automatically without too much thought but people often consult me about decisions they are finding hard to make.  One client was recently struggling with a difficult decision about whether to have a medical test on her unborn baby with all its possible consequences, and it brought to mind some of the things I’ve learned about decision making. 

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