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Earth Changes and Love

This is a great article from Jo Dunning that I wanted to share with you all. It is time now my friends, to join together in a unified effort on behalf of Japan and Australia and the many other areas of our world which are now, or will soon be experiencing the very amazing and sometimes difficult challenges of Awakening. Sometimes these challenges arrive as Earth Changes, sometimes as the courage to demand freedom and sometimes quietly and privately in our own homes and hearts. However the events arrive in your life, we all deserve great love and support as we move through our transformation. 

EFT for First Aid in Trauma

I have been very upset at the devastation and loss of life in Christchurch. I lived in the isolation of the Southern Alps for 7 months and Christchurch was my refuge of “civilisation” and such a lovely city. With all the natural disasters that have been striking as well as all the other traumas that can happen at any time it’s important for us to recognise the very real contribution that EFT can make at these times. It is a powerful and effective tool to use at any stage to mitigate shock and distress. 

Matrix Reimprinting: Creating a new way of Being

I’ve recently been reminded of a man I met at a soup kitchen. He’d been released from jail some time prior to our meeting and he was an angry man, complaining to me about his situation. His girlfriend had been “done” for drugs and while she was detained at the police station he had assaulted a policeman. What he was really miffed about was that the police had declined to charge him for the assault, knowing that he wanted to go back to jail!