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The Battle with the Body

Despite being away for the weekend I managed to catch a few sessions of the Pain Tapping Summit and particularly related to Carol Tuttle's presentation "The Battle without Bodies - finally finding peace". Having worked as a naturopath for many years before working in the energy healing field I am very well aware of how physical symptoms are a reflection of the state of our psyche and also of how we tend to look upon our bodies as the enemy when they don't function as we would wish them to do. 

Tapping for Restricted Movement

After surgery for breast cancer one of my clients was left with a considerable loss of movement in her shoulder. Now perhaps because it's called Emotional Freedom Techniques you may not be aware of how EFT can really work on problems in the physical body that seem to be mechanical. However after some concerted tapping over about 10-15 minutes her shoulder had a greatly increased range of movement. Even I was a bit surprised at the additional movement that suddenly appeared. 

EFT Tapping for Trauma

The news of the hoax neck bomb in Sydney caused me to reflect: what if Madeleine had known how to tap on her fingers, what if the police woman who sat with her knew how to tap, what if her parents waiting for hours knew how to tap, what if her friends waiting in the street knew how to tap...... they'd be much less likely to undergo post traumatic stress disorder - which often doesn't show up immediately. Meridian tapping is so effective in clearing both past and currently occurring trauma that it's worth learning for that alone. The Pulvers certainly never expected to have to face such a traumatic situation so it's great to be prepared with such a simple technique that we always have literally at our fingertips which can be used in any situation. If you already know how to do it, then share it with other people so they can have it on board too. 

Extreme Self-Care

I attended the Wake-Up Sydney! conference "A Time for Renewal" ( and one of the speakers, Gemma Summers, talked about the concept of extreme self-care, which she defined as the art of caring for ourselves in extreme times. And indeed we are facing a great deal of stress from many directions. Even technology, supposedly here to support us, causes stress in itself. I was fascinated to hear that getting enough sleep has been made a priority in the government's preventative health care agenda because people are up using some form of communications device when they need to be asleep. 

Understanding the Internal Blocks to Business Success and How to Clear Them

Business causes you to bump up against your beliefs about yourself and the world  

Tapping for Creativity

As children, we are all creative. We can use EFT to assist us in whatever quality we want to enhance in ourselves.  Creativity is an intensely valuable quality and as children, we are all creative. The problem is that our creativity gets squashed along the way – and often our self-esteem with it. Others may have made us feel shamed in the past, and now it doesn’t feel safe to put our ideas or work forward. 

The War We Engage In

Where are you waging war in your life? Check out to see how you say you want peace in the world yet wage a continual war. Do you do battle with your family, the weather, the election results, the neighbours, the jackhammer noise, the delayed plane, the promotion you didn't get, your bank balance, the drop in your investment, a loved one's illness. The more I observe how I'm reacting the more evidence I find that I'm so often at war. It's intriguing really because we know that there are no winners in a war and yet we keep objecting and preferring to be at war instead of at peace. 

What are you attached to?

I’m off on a trip the Adriatic shortly – quite a strenuous trip it turns out, hiking in remote mountains and dealing with the cobblestones of medieval towns. I’ve had a problem with my back for the past few months and have been doing pretty well in treating and doing exercises, pushed along, it has to be said, by the incentive of wanting to be well for the journey looming close. 

6 Tips for Relieving Tension

At the moment we’re not only stressed with the usual stuff but with the endless upheaval going on in the world which now beams continually into our homes and offices. Not only are we faced with seeing the suffering of so many people but also with the uncertainty of what is next. All this stress leads to tension in our bodies – headaches, clenched jaw, neck pain, tight shoulders, shallow breathing, knots in the stomach – which in turn leads to further health problems and illness so it’s important to take action to relieve it – here are a few suggestions. 

Tapping Away the Fear of Money

I’m running a teleseminar about money with my colleague Kathleen Ann at the moment - and the subject of money brings up a lot of emotions.  The most prevalent one of course is fear, so here is an extract from my book “Create Prosperity” with some tapping suggestions to help release this anxiety and worry.  You fill in the dotted lines with statements of acceptance such as “I deeply and completely accept myself.”