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Tangible Results - Fast Track to Freedom

Improve Your Skills With Tapping

I was reading about the wonderful Arianna Huffington saying, "2013 was the year that CEOs came out, not as gay, but as meditators." and thinking how what was once considered "alternate" or "New Age" is now increasingly being embraced by the mainstream.  Which is, of course, exactly what is happening with meridian tapping and energy therapies generally. 

Are Your Fueling You?

A crackling bonfire under the stars, marshmallows getting both eaten and lost in the embers, sparklers twirling, kids playing chase in the dark, dogs getting all the pats they want.  A glorious bush walk in interesting company, to a stunning viewpoint where tea and cake appeared. An energising game of basketball where you could break the rules and the goals weren’t counted.  Yes, my friend’s birthday weekend was not just enjoyable (and I haven’t even mentioned the yummy meals), it provided fuel for body and soul.     

Tips for Tapping

Here's the deal.  It's difficult to shift deeper issues without another person who is standing outside of the belief, judgement, memory or emotional response.  By the same token there is a lot you CAN do on your own and even if you are seeing a professional, which I advise, especially in situations involving trauma, your progress will be all the more rapid if you tap on a regular basis.   

Tapping to Overcome the Negativity Bias of Your Brain

You know that bad news sells. It is negative events that attract saturation coverage, interruption of usual TV programming and wall to feature stories in the papers. But why? 

Why EFT is Great for Anxiety

In this anxiety provoking world more people than ever are searching for ways to deal with escalating levels of anxiety, overwhelm and stress – and I’ve been one of those people. And because I’ve been particularly prone to anxiety and panic attacks because of early childhood trauma and a genetic disorder as well, I’ve explored many different avenues to find relief without having to take drugs. The list is long but has included herbal remedies, nutrition, breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisation techniques, yoga and meditation to name a few. And then I found tapping!  

Self-Compassion as Stress Management

It’s rather strange, don’t you think, that we tend to be so much more compassionate to other people who are suffering than to ourselves.  We offer concern, understanding and loving support to a friend, relative, colleague, or even a stranger, when they are in need, yet offer ourselves judgement and criticism, with some of it being decidedly harsh. 

Turning Heaven Into Hell

It was Byron Katie in her seminal book "Loving What Is" who gave me the concept of what she calls turning heaven into hell. She describes it as a function of the mind which takes a perfectly good situation and then messes with it so that we then feel bad.  Let me give you some examples of how we get to do it.  

Let's get EFT into the army

I was able to attend the Anzac Day march in Sydney yesterday for the first time in a few years and enjoyed the opportunity to acknowledge what other people have sacrificed that I might live in the peace and freedom that I do.  It was great to be next to a group of young women who were very vocal in their support and shared their enthusiasm equally, calling out "Hello Ladies" to the Veteran women as well as "Hello Sailor" to you can guess who.  And also to see that great Australian Dick Smith holding up a sign reading a simple "Thanks".  He was acknowledged in return with many waves and salutes.     

What is procrastination costing you?

Procrastination is one of those issues that seem to be universal.  Is there anyone alive who has never procrastinated?!  And it's one of those really frustrating things.  We know what we want to do, should do, ought to do, would be good to do....and yet we don't do it.  We put it off, put it off, and then put it off some more.  Even if we're inwardly screaming about it, thinking about it every day (and night).    

Love Mantras

I listened to an interview with best selling author extraordinaire Marci Shimoff ( and she talked about what she calls the three Love Mantras.