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Tapping Away the Fear of Money

I’m running a teleseminar about money with my colleague Kathleen Ann at the moment - and the subject of money brings up a lot of emotions.  The most prevalent one of course is fear, so here is an extract from my book “Create Prosperity” with some tapping suggestions to help release this anxiety and worry.  You fill in the dotted lines with statements of acceptance such as “I deeply and completely accept myself.” 

Earth Changes and Love

This is a great article from Jo Dunning that I wanted to share with you all. It is time now my friends, to join together in a unified effort on behalf of Japan and Australia and the many other areas of our world which are now, or will soon be experiencing the very amazing and sometimes difficult challenges of Awakening. Sometimes these challenges arrive as Earth Changes, sometimes as the courage to demand freedom and sometimes quietly and privately in our own homes and hearts. However the events arrive in your life, we all deserve great love and support as we move through our transformation. 

Looking After Money

I thought it was great when Kathleen Ann invited me to join her in presenting a virtual workshop series on helping people have breakthroughs around money.  It starts next Tuesday March 8th and so as Kathleen is a certified coach in a specific process to help people change their relationship money I have been studying the contents of the course – and learning a lot! 

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