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Tapping for Creativity

As children, we are all creative. We can use EFT to assist us in whatever quality we want to enhance in ourselves.  Creativity is an intensely valuable quality and as children, we are all creative. The problem is that our creativity gets squashed along the way – and often our self-esteem with it. Others may have made us feel shamed in the past, and now it doesn’t feel safe to put our ideas or work forward. 

What lens do you see life through?

I spent the weekend at the enchanting Mirramu Creative Arts Centre overlooking Lake George in the company of dancers, writers, sculptors and photographers.  It was a wonderfully rich and creative time, and so interesting to learn new ways of relating to the world.     

In the Groove

I visited "Sculpture by the Sea" at Bondi Beach today and what a variety of sculptures there were - everything from stunningly beautiful, through gloriously quirky, to totally inexplicable or unexpected.  As I marvelled at one,  puzzled at another,and  listened to the conversations they were creating (Neale Donald Walsch says "Every revolution has begun with a conversation")  I also started to contemplate how "in the groove" my thinking is.     

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