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8 Health Benefits of Tapping

What does Tapping actually do? Happily, just as scientists have been unlocking many of the mysteries of the natural world, so too researchers have been unlocking the mysteries of tapping.   

Are You About To Get Hit By A Mack Truck?

No, not because you are walking out into the road with your head buried in your phone, but because you are not listening to your body and overriding the alert that it’s giving you. 

Food Matters

Last week I enjoyed a two day yoga retreat with my friend Jane Kagan - what a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing environment she creates and how amazing it is what transformation can be brought about in 2 days.  I came home feeling clear and grounded with my body "ironed out".  What a different world it would be if we all had 2 days like that every month or two!  

What lens do you see life through?

I spent the weekend at the enchanting Mirramu Creative Arts Centre overlooking Lake George in the company of dancers, writers, sculptors and photographers.  It was a wonderfully rich and creative time, and so interesting to learn new ways of relating to the world.     

Looking After Money

I thought it was great when Kathleen Ann invited me to join her in presenting a virtual workshop series on helping people have breakthroughs around money.  It starts next Tuesday March 8th and so as Kathleen is a certified coach in a specific process to help people change their relationship money I have been studying the contents of the course – and learning a lot! 

The upper limit for happiness

My mentor has been talking to me about what Gay Hendrick, author of "The Big Leap" calls the Upper Limit Problem. He says that when positive things occur in our lives we often have a negative emotional reaction triggered by thoughts such as "I don't deserve this","or This is too good to be true". Destructive or sabotaging behaviours are the result and serve as a roadblock to us achieving the happy satisfying lives that we want. I see that I have a belief about not being able to have what I want still operating to some degree. What belief do you hold that stops YOU from feeling great? 

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