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What is possible?

On the weekend I enjoyed a wonderful yoga retreat day with my friend Jane Kagan, which also involved floating in her swimming pool which overlooks national park bush. Bliss. Oh, and eating incredibly yummy food!  Afterwards we were talking about how my body had changed these past few years - especially in terms of increased flexibility and range of movement.  I've lived with a lot of restrictions in my muscles and joints as well as joint damage in my feet from having gout when I was only 22.   

Achieving Potential

I was given a whole new sense of what achieving your potential is about today. As a citizen of Canada Bay and as a member of Communities for Communities ( I had the privelege of attending one of the most magical places in our community - Lucas Gardens School ( which caters for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. It was both their open day and the opening of a special playground and what an amazing day it was. 

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