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How to be well

I was driving across Sydney's Anzac Bridge towards the city the other day and from the west the city presents as this big wall of glass, steel and concrete. It made me think how challenging it is these days to be well when we are so far removed from our natural habitat and with so many distractions and pressures.  

Tips for Tapping

Here's the deal.  It's difficult to shift deeper issues without another person who is standing outside of the belief, judgement, memory or emotional response.  By the same token there is a lot you CAN do on your own and even if you are seeing a professional, which I advise, especially in situations involving trauma, your progress will be all the more rapid if you tap on a regular basis.   

5 tips for a HAPPY Christmas

It’s a strange thing – we wish each other “happy” Christmas and yet the rates of suicide, homicide and domestic violence all sky rocket.  It can be a difficult time of year for many people so here are a few tips to help you navigate through it more successfully.  

Preparing for Your Day

You're doubtless very familiar with preparation.  You may well have prepared for a meeting, prepared a speech, prepared for a party or wedding, prepared for the kids going back to school, prepared for an exam, prepared to take part in a triathlon.  Generally speaking we know the value of preparation and how things can go pear-shaped if we don't put in the hard yards beforehand.  

6 Tips for Getting Organised

Make sure everything in your home and office has a home. It’s much easier to take action towards fulfilling your dreams if you keep your life in some sort of order.  Anne Quessy who got me organized way back, thank goodness, provides some tips for you. 

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