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8 Health Benefits of Tapping

What does Tapping actually do? Happily, just as scientists have been unlocking many of the mysteries of the natural world, so too researchers have been unlocking the mysteries of tapping.   

Focus is What Brings Results

I’m on the countdown to an adventure trip in Eastern Europe and my trip notes suggest climbing stairs every day carrying a brick in your backpack and say walking sticks are highly recommended.  I had planned to spend the past three months getting fit but it didn’t quite work out how I planned.  I had a problem with my back appear at the beginning of January which has really affected my health and my ability to exercise.  However,  having a strenuous trip planned gave me a great incentive to take action – and to focus on improving my fitness. 

Welcome to Tangible Results

I was lucky enough to hear the fascinating scientist, visionary and scholar, Gregg Braden, speak when he was in Sydney recently. I am now reading his book “The Divine Matrix” which explains some of the latest understanding of the nature of our world and how we can use this knowledge to consciously create our lives. 

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