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Are you a wimp?

One of my clients has been facing the challenge of multiple myeloma, a cancer which causes many different symptoms but especially lesions in the bone which cause pain and fracture.  She has been through the mill with chemotherapy and various procedures as well as suffering with pain from fractures of the vertebrae.  Recently she was facing a bone marrow aspiration and told me of her fear of further pain and feeling like a wimp but having to be strong and that everyone saw her as strong.  

What are you attached to?

I’m off on a trip the Adriatic shortly – quite a strenuous trip it turns out, hiking in remote mountains and dealing with the cobblestones of medieval towns. I’ve had a problem with my back for the past few months and have been doing pretty well in treating and doing exercises, pushed along, it has to be said, by the incentive of wanting to be well for the journey looming close. 

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