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Tapping for Creativity

As children, we are all creative. We can use EFT to assist us in whatever quality we want to enhance in ourselves.  Creativity is an intensely valuable quality and as children, we are all creative. The problem is that our creativity gets squashed along the way – and often our self-esteem with it. Others may have made us feel shamed in the past, and now it doesn’t feel safe to put our ideas or work forward. 

The Argument

As I got up from my seat on the ferry, there was a woman in the aisle wearing a gorgeous purple top with matching purple hair.  Purple is a favourite colour and I was thinking of having purple streaks myself so I said to her "I love your hair, it looks great".  Imagine my surprise when she turned around and told me firmly that it looked all washed out, it needed redoing, it was normally much brighter.  And she capped it off with the damning indictment "in fact it looks cheap"   

What is possible?

On the weekend I enjoyed a wonderful yoga retreat day with my friend Jane Kagan, which also involved floating in her swimming pool which overlooks national park bush. Bliss. Oh, and eating incredibly yummy food!  Afterwards we were talking about how my body had changed these past few years - especially in terms of increased flexibility and range of movement.  I've lived with a lot of restrictions in my muscles and joints as well as joint damage in my feet from having gout when I was only 22.   

Food Matters

Last week I enjoyed a two day yoga retreat with my friend Jane Kagan - what a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing environment she creates and how amazing it is what transformation can be brought about in 2 days.  I came home feeling clear and grounded with my body "ironed out".  What a different world it would be if we all had 2 days like that every month or two!  

What is procrastination costing you?

Procrastination is one of those issues that seem to be universal.  Is there anyone alive who has never procrastinated?!  And it's one of those really frustrating things.  We know what we want to do, should do, ought to do, would be good to do....and yet we don't do it.  We put it off, put it off, and then put it off some more.  Even if we're inwardly screaming about it, thinking about it every day (and night).    

Love Mantras

I listened to an interview with best selling author extraordinaire Marci Shimoff ( and she talked about what she calls the three Love Mantras. 

Extraordinary Resources

One of my little maxims is that life is unexpected.  It proved so for me last week.  One moment I had never heard of a man called Craig Hamilton, an organisation called Integral Enlightenment or a course called "Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life"  and then 10 minutes later - the length of time it took me to skip through the course description - I was subscribed.  

Are you a wimp?

One of my clients has been facing the challenge of multiple myeloma, a cancer which causes many different symptoms but especially lesions in the bone which cause pain and fracture.  She has been through the mill with chemotherapy and various procedures as well as suffering with pain from fractures of the vertebrae.  Recently she was facing a bone marrow aspiration and told me of her fear of further pain and feeling like a wimp but having to be strong and that everyone saw her as strong.  

6 Tips for Getting Organised

Make sure everything in your home and office has a home. It’s much easier to take action towards fulfilling your dreams if you keep your life in some sort of order.  Anne Quessy who got me organized way back, thank goodness, provides some tips for you. 

What’s important?

'I'll have sugar, skim milk, a large cup and extra hot'. You’d think I’d have better things to do on a Sunday than read an article about baristas setting boundaries as to what coffee they will serve and jacking up about pandering to people’s request for certain coffees which would mean that the quality of the coffee served would be affected.  Included in this are orders for sugar, skim milk, a large cup and extra hot.  One woman who objected to this stand was quoted as saying “As someone who likes a sugar stirred into my coffee, I don’t want to have to take the lid off and put in the sugar as I’m running out the door”. 

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