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What do you need to “Unlearn”?

What else would it be beneficial for you to unlearn? While I was searching my bookshelf for a book I wanted, the title of another book, "A Life of Unlearning", seemed to jump out at me.   It rang true for me - it seems that in order to live our life in the best possible way, one of the best possible things we can do is to unlearn some (maybe most!) of what we have already learned.  It's not always easy to do that because we are highly habitual - I remember John, my ballroom dancing teacher, bemoaning the fact that he found it much harder to correct people who already knew how to dance than to teach people to dance from scratch.  Those bad habits had already become ingrained into the person's physiology and he found it hard work to get them out of those habits. (OK, so yes, he was talking about me!) 

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