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Since I went to the Vibe Wire breakfast I've been contemplating what my concept of failure is. I conclude that failure only exists as a judgement. Who is to say what failure is because while something might look like a failure at a given time in retrospect it can look completely different. Three of the most widely read and esteemed spiritual teachers of today could all have been deemed failures at one time. 

Vibe Wire - Fastbreak

Invited by my friend Rai Santana to fastBREAK, a breakfast at the Powerhouse Museum, held by Vibe Wire, ( an organisation which provides media, arts and entrepreneurial opportunities and events for young people. The topic for the event was "Failure" and the five young speakers were variously entertaining, moving, impactful and inspiring. Made me think the staid nature of many business networking events could do with a big shakeup! 

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