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Striking Gold!

Striking Gold!

One of my clients has a serious health condition which affects her life, although drugs are currently keeping it under control. 

She had set an intention to be free from her illness and when you set an intention you then have to work through everything that is in the way of fulfilling that intention.  

So we were immersed in a process to explore her relationship to the health condition and also what it might be trying to convey. As she developed an understanding both of her relationship to her body and was paying acute attention to what the condition was telling her about its origins, she suddenly accessed a deeper part of herself and declared with conviction "it's not going to kill me. I know it's not going to kill me!"


Another client had been exploring her discontent at her current employment situation for some time. She knew she didn't want to be where she was, battled feelings of being inadequate, and was stuck on not knowing what she did want to do. 

As we followed her intention of not acting out imposed beliefs, and being free from being passive and lacking motivation, we came across the belief "there's something wrong with me".  

That's what we would term a core belief - a belief that defines how we see ourselves, others or life and it stems from our childhood. 

As an adult she could see that in fact it was her father who had something wrong with him - possibly a mental illness - because it was impossible to know what might trigger him into a rage. She wasn't allowed to say what she wanted and furthermore it wasn't safe. She was also forced to forfeit studying what she was interested in. 

Bringing that into her current situation she had believed at an unconscious level that it wasn't safe to know what she wanted because she'd be shut down and called stupid.  


Her passions are now beginning to emerge.  I'm excited to see where that will lead her.

Most people I work with discover that a lot of the time the problem they are trying to find a solution to is not actually the real problem, or they are trying to solve the issue with their mind instead of listening deeply to their heart or paying attention to their body.  

Much tapping work is palliative in that it helps ease symptoms but doesn't get to the root cause.  

And the beauty of getting to the root cause and resolving it, is that all the emotions, thought forms, perceptions, attitudes and behaviours that have stemmed from the experience or the belief can fall away.  

This is the process of transformation. It takes courage, it takes patience, it takes persistence, but striking gold reaps its own rewards.

And if you are wanting to look at striking gold yourself please do get in touch. 


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