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Stop Leaking Your Energy

Where are you leaking your energy? Leaking energy. What does that mean? Well I first heard the expression from medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, Carolyn Myss ( and over the years I've gained much more understanding of what it means. And it's a really important concept to grasp, especially as we always seem to be so tired these days. Anything that can save us a bit of energy has to be helpful.

Leaking energy is about losing energy - like losing water through a dripping tap. We can cause a leak of our energy in little ways or in really major ways and I'm going to outline three ways we do that.

Energy Leak Number One is caused by procrastination and can cause us to use up our energy in a very simple way. Every time I looked at the bougainvillea on my office balcony I thought about how it was old, hardly flowering any more and needed replacing. This went on for a while - and of course criticising yourself for not doing anything about it also leaks more energy! But now that I've taken action I look at my beautiful new bougainvillea with dazzling purple flowers and I'm filled with enjoyment rather than drained by negativity.

Energy Leak Number Two happens when you hold on to negative reactions such as anger or resentment to people or events that have happened in the past. It could be something that happened yesterday but some people hold onto their resentment for decades! This uses up a lot of energy that could be used for enjoying life.

It can start to be easier to let go of things when you realise how much damage you are doing to yourself. Take depression for an example - having suffered from depression myself I tend to see it not as an emotion in its own right but as a suppression of other painful emotions that haven't been released, and that suppression uses up a huge amount of energy, making it hard to do even day to day activities.

Energy Leak Number Three is caused by focusing your attention on the future and finding it worrying in some way. What if this happens? What if that happens? Some of you know I call this "catastrophising". And usually the worst doesn’t happen so worrying about it was a complete waste of energy. And if it did happen then the worry didn’t prevent it and at least you could have saved yourself the worry.

How do you waste your energy? It's really worth spending some time examining where you might be leaking energy so you can start plugging up the leaks. Look at what you're not getting done and do it. Become aware of what negative emotions you are holding on to from the past - even 5 minutes ago - and release them. Of course, tapping is such a brilliant aid in doing this. Keep your mind in the present and deal with the matter on hand instead of being ahead of yourself. Despite my lapses I find it wonderful to have a lot more energy available to me than I used to have.

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