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Seeing the Light

It was wonderful to have a full house on Saturday for the 2nd birthday of the Women's Greatness Group.  Bubbles, balloons, candle blowing, happy birthday singing - yes we had it all! 

When you start something you never know where it's going to go and so when I started inviting women round for afternoon tea to focus on acknowledging our strengths and celebrating our greatness - inspired by Howard Glasser's book "You Are Oprah", I didn't know what would happen.  I figured if people came I would keep holding it - and so here we are two years later.   

I read a passage from Marianne Williamson's book "Return to Love" - 20 years old now but still definitely worth a read.  I thought I'd share it with you again here:

"Seeing The Light.

Only the light within us is real.  We are not afraid of the dark within ourselves, so much as we are afraid of the light.  The dark is familiar.  It's what we know.  "Yet neither oblivion nor hell is as unacceptable to you as Heaven."  The light, the thought that we might indeed by good enough, is such a threat to the ego that it takes out its very big guns to defend against it.

Someone I know remarked to me about a mutual friend, "He has a mean-spirited soul." "No, he doesn't" I replied.  "He has a mean-spirited personality.  His soul is one of the brightest I've ever seen.  His mean-spiritedness is simply a defense against the light.  If he were to let in his light and choose to really express all his love, it would  overwhelm his ego.  His meanness is his armor, his protection against the light."

Our defense against light is always some form of guilt that we project onto ourselves or others.  God can love us infinitely, the universe can support us unendingly, but until we agree with God's kind appraisal of us and the universe's merciful behaviour, we will do everything in our power to keep the miracles we're entitled to at bay.  Why the self-hatred?  As we've already seen, the ego is our mind's endless need to attach itself.  And how do we escape this?  Through the acceptance of God's will as our own.  God's will is that we be happy.  God's will is that we forgive ourselves.  God's will is that we find our place in Heaven now."

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