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Preparing for Your Day

You're doubtless very familiar with preparation.  You may well have prepared for a meeting, prepared a speech, prepared for a party or wedding, prepared for the kids going back to school, prepared for an exam, prepared to take part in a triathlon.  Generally speaking we know the value of preparation and how things can go pear-shaped if we don't put in the hard yards beforehand.

But do you also prepare for your day, so you give every day your best shot?   Or do you just get out of bed and hope for the best - or even fear the worst?

There's great value in going into your day prepared as well.  How you prepare depends on you, the time you want to commit to it and what you want to achieve through it.  Of course if you say "I don't have time" you can recognise that's a choice you are making - which getting up an hour early would fix.  If you're too tired to get up that means it's even more imperative for you to take a stand in caring for yourself.

There are many different paths you can take - you may want to exercise in different ways, journal, meditate or read inspirational material that energises you.  Decide what would feel best for you and plan it as a ritual to be done every morning.  You will perhaps be surprised at the difference it makes over a period of time.  Stay flexible and change it if required.  Even if it takes a lot of discipline to do it the point is to feel much better in the long term.

I have quite a long ritual which I'm finding very satisfying.  It involves a walk/run, following by some breathing and stretching exercises. a period of meditation and Donna Eden's energy exercises to finish.  I do the same walk, for the same period of time, trying to get a little further each day so I am aiming at something specific.  I do my utmost not to get sidetracked into anything else, which is a challenge in itself and I feel great when I've completed it - not just because what I've done is good for me but also because it's a known fact that self-esteem and self-confidence always rise when you complete anything.

I spent some time last year without a morning ritual and now I'm back to it I can really vouch for its value.  Transform your day by preparing for it and you will transform your life!  

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