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Tangible Results - Fast Track to Freedom

Freedom from Anxiety & Stress

What a wonderful day I spent yesterday with an amazing group of people who were committed to creating change in their relationship with themselves and their relationship to life. It was the first time I have used Matrix Reimprinting in a group setting and I discovered how very powerful it is as I watched people transforming in front of my eyes. We enjoyed ourselves too - my current research project for myself is on enjoyment and how I can enjoy myself more and help other people enjoy their life more. It's a great project! 

Internal change - external results

We tend to spend our time trying to change external things - especially people! But the only power we have is to change ourselves and it is sometimes startling how fast the external world reflects that. Last week I did some Matrix Reimprinting work with a client on the bad acne she'd had, leaving her with a lot of scars and feeling embarrassed, ugly and unattractive. 

Wake Up Sydney

I just received an email from the wonderfully wiseJono Fisher of Wake Up Sydney and the Kindness Revolution ( I love this personal reflection from him - "I have just returned from a silent retreat and am feeling creatively regenerated. I love slowing down and reflecting on what is really important to me. Our modern society is changing very quickly, yet the nature of the mind has never changed. It feels to me that the most important “technology” we have to access is learning how to tame our minds and uncover our natural kindness for ourselves and each other. From this place, we can liberate ourselves into change agents of fierce love and deep peace." 


Since I went to the Vibe Wire breakfast I've been contemplating what my concept of failure is. I conclude that failure only exists as a judgement. Who is to say what failure is because while something might look like a failure at a given time in retrospect it can look completely different. Three of the most widely read and esteemed spiritual teachers of today could all have been deemed failures at one time. 

Vibe Wire - Fastbreak

Invited by my friend Rai Santana to fastBREAK, a breakfast at the Powerhouse Museum, held by Vibe Wire, ( an organisation which provides media, arts and entrepreneurial opportunities and events for young people. The topic for the event was "Failure" and the five young speakers were variously entertaining, moving, impactful and inspiring. Made me think the staid nature of many business networking events could do with a big shakeup! 

The upper limit for happiness

My mentor has been talking to me about what Gay Hendrick, author of "The Big Leap" calls the Upper Limit Problem. He says that when positive things occur in our lives we often have a negative emotional reaction triggered by thoughts such as "I don't deserve this","or This is too good to be true". Destructive or sabotaging behaviours are the result and serve as a roadblock to us achieving the happy satisfying lives that we want. I see that I have a belief about not being able to have what I want still operating to some degree. What belief do you hold that stops YOU from feeling great? 

What are we missing?

I've just received this thought provoking email - the content of which is true.It give us some great questions to ask ourselves. Washington, DC Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007. The man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time approx. 2 thousand people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After 3 minutes a middle aged man noticed there was a musician playing. He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds and then hurried to meet his schedule. 

Women's Greatness Group

What a big injection of positive energy I received from the Women's Greatness Group afternoon tea on Saturday. It was interesting to note as we shared with each what we were celebrating in our life and what great quality we know we posess, how the level of connection increased and the energy rose. It was great to hear stories of how people's lives are changing through meeting at the group. 

Welcome to Tangible Results

I was lucky enough to hear the fascinating scientist, visionary and scholar, Gregg Braden, speak when he was in Sydney recently. I am now reading his book “The Divine Matrix” which explains some of the latest understanding of the nature of our world and how we can use this knowledge to consciously create our lives.