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EFT Tapping for Trauma

The news of the hoax neck bomb in Sydney caused me to reflect: what if Madeleine had known how to tap on her fingers, what if the police woman who sat with her knew how to tap, what if her parents waiting for hours knew how to tap, what if her friends waiting in the street knew how to tap...... they'd be much less likely to undergo post traumatic stress disorder - which often doesn't show up immediately. Meridian tapping is so effective in clearing both past and currently occurring trauma that it's worth learning for that alone. The Pulvers certainly never expected to have to face such a traumatic situation so it's great to be prepared with such a simple technique that we always have literally at our fingertips which can be used in any situation. If you already know how to do it, then share it with other people so they can have it on board too. 

Extreme Self-Care

I attended the Wake-Up Sydney! conference "A Time for Renewal" ( and one of the speakers, Gemma Summers, talked about the concept of extreme self-care, which she defined as the art of caring for ourselves in extreme times. And indeed we are facing a great deal of stress from many directions. Even technology, supposedly here to support us, causes stress in itself. I was fascinated to hear that getting enough sleep has been made a priority in the government's preventative health care agenda because people are up using some form of communications device when they need to be asleep. 

Extraordinary Resources

One of my little maxims is that life is unexpected.  It proved so for me last week.  One moment I had never heard of a man called Craig Hamilton, an organisation called Integral Enlightenment or a course called "Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life"  and then 10 minutes later - the length of time it took me to skip through the course description - I was subscribed.  

Are you a wimp?

One of my clients has been facing the challenge of multiple myeloma, a cancer which causes many different symptoms but especially lesions in the bone which cause pain and fracture.  She has been through the mill with chemotherapy and various procedures as well as suffering with pain from fractures of the vertebrae.  Recently she was facing a bone marrow aspiration and told me of her fear of further pain and feeling like a wimp but having to be strong and that everyone saw her as strong.  

Understanding the Internal Blocks to Business Success and How to Clear Them

Business causes you to bump up against your beliefs about yourself and the world  

6 Tips for Getting Organised

Make sure everything in your home and office has a home. It’s much easier to take action towards fulfilling your dreams if you keep your life in some sort of order.  Anne Quessy who got me organized way back, thank goodness, provides some tips for you. 

What’s important?

'I'll have sugar, skim milk, a large cup and extra hot'. You’d think I’d have better things to do on a Sunday than read an article about baristas setting boundaries as to what coffee they will serve and jacking up about pandering to people’s request for certain coffees which would mean that the quality of the coffee served would be affected.  Included in this are orders for sugar, skim milk, a large cup and extra hot.  One woman who objected to this stand was quoted as saying “As someone who likes a sugar stirred into my coffee, I don’t want to have to take the lid off and put in the sugar as I’m running out the door”. 

What do you need to “Unlearn”?

What else would it be beneficial for you to unlearn? While I was searching my bookshelf for a book I wanted, the title of another book, "A Life of Unlearning", seemed to jump out at me.   It rang true for me - it seems that in order to live our life in the best possible way, one of the best possible things we can do is to unlearn some (maybe most!) of what we have already learned.  It's not always easy to do that because we are highly habitual - I remember John, my ballroom dancing teacher, bemoaning the fact that he found it much harder to correct people who already knew how to dance than to teach people to dance from scratch.  Those bad habits had already become ingrained into the person's physiology and he found it hard work to get them out of those habits. (OK, so yes, he was talking about me!) 

The War We Engage In

Where are you waging war in your life? Check out to see how you say you want peace in the world yet wage a continual war. Do you do battle with your family, the weather, the election results, the neighbours, the jackhammer noise, the delayed plane, the promotion you didn't get, your bank balance, the drop in your investment, a loved one's illness. The more I observe how I'm reacting the more evidence I find that I'm so often at war. It's intriguing really because we know that there are no winners in a war and yet we keep objecting and preferring to be at war instead of at peace. 

Stop Leaking Your Energy

Where are you leaking your energy? Leaking energy. What does that mean? Well I first heard the expression from medical intuitive and spiritual teacher, Carolyn Myss ( and over the years I've gained much more understanding of what it means. And it's a really important concept to grasp, especially as we always seem to be so tired these days. Anything that can save us a bit of energy has to be helpful. 

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