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Tapping to Overcome the Negativity Bias of Your Brain

You know that bad news sells. It is negative events that attract saturation coverage, interruption of usual TV programming and wall to feature stories in the papers. But why? 

5 tips for a HAPPY Christmas

It’s a strange thing – we wish each other “happy” Christmas and yet the rates of suicide, homicide and domestic violence all sky rocket.  It can be a difficult time of year for many people so here are a few tips to help you navigate through it more successfully.  

Why EFT is Great for Anxiety

In this anxiety provoking world more people than ever are searching for ways to deal with escalating levels of anxiety, overwhelm and stress – and I’ve been one of those people. And because I’ve been particularly prone to anxiety and panic attacks because of early childhood trauma and a genetic disorder as well, I’ve explored many different avenues to find relief without having to take drugs. The list is long but has included herbal remedies, nutrition, breathing techniques, relaxation and visualisation techniques, yoga and meditation to name a few. And then I found tapping!  

Self-Compassion as Stress Management

It’s rather strange, don’t you think, that we tend to be so much more compassionate to other people who are suffering than to ourselves.  We offer concern, understanding and loving support to a friend, relative, colleague, or even a stranger, when they are in need, yet offer ourselves judgement and criticism, with some of it being decidedly harsh. 

Turning Heaven Into Hell

It was Byron Katie in her seminal book "Loving What Is" who gave me the concept of what she calls turning heaven into hell. She describes it as a function of the mind which takes a perfectly good situation and then messes with it so that we then feel bad.  Let me give you some examples of how we get to do it.  

The Argument

As I got up from my seat on the ferry, there was a woman in the aisle wearing a gorgeous purple top with matching purple hair.  Purple is a favourite colour and I was thinking of having purple streaks myself so I said to her "I love your hair, it looks great".  Imagine my surprise when she turned around and told me firmly that it looked all washed out, it needed redoing, it was normally much brighter.  And she capped it off with the damning indictment "in fact it looks cheap"   

What is possible?

On the weekend I enjoyed a wonderful yoga retreat day with my friend Jane Kagan, which also involved floating in her swimming pool which overlooks national park bush. Bliss. Oh, and eating incredibly yummy food!  Afterwards we were talking about how my body had changed these past few years - especially in terms of increased flexibility and range of movement.  I've lived with a lot of restrictions in my muscles and joints as well as joint damage in my feet from having gout when I was only 22.   

Preparing for Your Day

You're doubtless very familiar with preparation.  You may well have prepared for a meeting, prepared a speech, prepared for a party or wedding, prepared for the kids going back to school, prepared for an exam, prepared to take part in a triathlon.  Generally speaking we know the value of preparation and how things can go pear-shaped if we don't put in the hard yards beforehand.  

Food Matters

Last week I enjoyed a two day yoga retreat with my friend Jane Kagan - what a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing environment she creates and how amazing it is what transformation can be brought about in 2 days.  I came home feeling clear and grounded with my body "ironed out".  What a different world it would be if we all had 2 days like that every month or two!  

Sacred Activism - what is it?

I was fortunate to hear scholar, author, mystic, journalist, spiritual teacher and altogether extraordinary man, Andrew Harvey, when he spoke in Sydney recently.  I've also been reading his book "The Hope" which is a guide that helps people respond to current global challenges and serves as a much needed wake-up call to inspire action through Sacred Activism, which he see as the transforming force of wisdom, love and compassion-in-action to affect radical change in the world.  

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