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My First Ever Extorion Email

My First Ever Extorion Email

I opened my inbox in the morning and there it was.  A man's name with one of my passwords in the subject line.  Not the sort of thing you want to see first thing!  It was long and threatening, demanding money.  

I knew he didn't have anything to blackmail me with, but it was nevertheless upsetting and it took me some time of being upset (yes, I definitely did some tapping) before I was able to ascertain that he hadn't accessed my database and it was yet another scam. 

It's just one tiny example of the ugliness that seems to have become such an integral part of our world and increasingly difficult to avoid.  I was reading an article by one of my favourite journalists and she spoke about receiving a rape threat of a nature that made my mind boggle as to how someone could have that level of hate towards someone who had done nothing to them. 

Tuning into the news brings tales of murder, mayhem, war, conflict, terror, abuse, exploitation, starvation, genocide, tragedy, suffering, pain, natural disasters, species extinction, fear, anger, greed, nepotism, grandstanding.....okay, I'll stop there. 

What to do?  Well we know that our energy goes where our focus is, so no wonder there are epidemics of anxiety and depression when modern day communications put these things in front of us continually.  One very simple counteracting suggestion is to make a deliberate effort to focus on one of the flip sides of ugliness - beauty.  

Tap through any upset created by whatever ugliness you are confronted by and then look to focus your attention in a different direction. Beauty comes in many forms - here are a few thought starters. 


I was walking along the other day thinking how parched and deadeverything was looking when I noticed a single glorious purple magnolia flower coming into bloom. There is beauty to be seen all around us whether from nature, from art, from artifacts, from people.  But sometimes we need to make a really conscious choice to pay attention to all the beauty that is present to our eyes.


There are plenty of ugly sounds now too but again there are beautiful sounds we can focus on.  There are the sounds of nature, especially water and birds. A health educator I am following even suggests that using a bird song app to wake up to in the morning is really beneficial.  At certain times of year I am woken up by real bird sounds so don't need that!  Tune into people with mellifluous voice and of course wonderful music.  

Many people have criticised musician Andre Rieu, yet his unswerving philosophy that music unites people and brings them joy is a no brainer.  I recently went to see his latest movie of the hometown concert he does every year in the Netherlands and my friend and I both came out on a total high - no drugs required!  


Again despite the ugly behaviour which may surround us or which we may hear about we can focus on other aspects - a smile, an offer of help, a friendly response, an unexpected kindness. We can go further afield and focus on the actions of those who inspire us despite the odds.  

Watching a documentary on Ruth Ginsberg, a Judge in the US Supreme Court and a woman who has changed the lives of so many women, I felt hope and hope is an emotion that can sometimes be hard to find. I also felt spurred to do more in my own life to create change for the better. 

I, myself, find it all too easy to focus on negative aspects, so I write these words to remind myself of where to put my focus.  I hope it reminds you too. 

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