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Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

All of a sudden the world has become an even more discombobulating place.  And we tend to be contrary creatures. We want change, but only in the specific ways we want or can handle, because the ego wants to keep things safe, secure, small and familiar.  In fact we fear the unknown future. 

And at the moment the future seems to herald a high degree of the unfamiliar. Uncertainty is rife, nothing can be depended on to stay the same.  We may not only fear the future, many other feelings may be bubbling up - anger, helplessness, despair, frustration, sadness and grief, including grieving the past.  So we need to find a way of moving forward instead of being paralysed by our emotions. 

One of my favourite teachers, Byron Katie, says there are three kinds of business - God's business, other people's business and our own business - adding that the problem tends to be we are always in other people's or God's business! 

In the current context I suggest that we really need to be minding our own business, which I see as doing our utmost to respond in a resourceful way and working to grow the qualities in ourselves that we want to see in the world such as love and peace. 

I read a newsletter article today which started "As we all wait in fear and trepidation to see what new U.S. President Donald Trump will do....."  Well, there may indeed be very good reason to fear, but it's not the most helpful response.  

I also read the words 'dispiriting, distrust, unease, foreboding, disenchanted, terrified, angry, sad, frustrated, helpless, shock, revulsion, powerless, dangerous, disturbing' - you get the drift?  

You already know what I think - that tapping is the best way of processing whatever emotions we may be responding with, and whatever emotions we are picking up from the media and other people.  We can also use it to promote more positive feelings and responses within ourselves.  For a start tapping has been proven to reduce the flight/fight response - it decreases cortisol levels straight away so the moment you start tapping you are beginning to reduce your level of stress.  

I suggest you take some time out, sit quietly and tune into what you really are feeling, what responses you are making. It can often help to write it down or make a list. And then taking one thing at a time tap around to just let that go, whatever it is.  You may want to affirm that it is safe to let it go.  Keep tapping until you feel calm and your mind is clear.  

Then you could contemplate what emotion would be more useful or resourceful to feel, or what position you want to take towards the particular issue or situation.  

Some suggestions:  love, peace, calm, passion, enthusiasm, trust, creativity, resilience, courage, faith, strength, joy, gratitude, serenity, satisfaction, compassion, delight, inspiration, awe, humour, contentment, fulfillment, kindness, cheerfulness, confidence, enjoyment.

And finally, as well as these internal actions, ask yourself if there are external actions that you need to take.  Actions that would make a difference, actions to counteract the fear, frustration or powerlessness.  It doesn't matter how small it is - changing the world begins at home with ourselves, our family and our community. And if you are in a position to take larger scale actions which affirm your values and what you believe in, then focus on finding the courage and strength to do that.  

When we mind our own business we can access our own power and have a powerful effect for the greater good.  

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