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Love Mantras

I listened to an interview with best selling author extraordinaire Marci Shimoff ( and she talked about what she calls the three Love Mantras.

Number One is "Love is who we are" - not a stream of energy between two people. Our essence is love and when we get in touch with that essence we become as an ocean of love.

Number Two is "The purpose of our life is love" - it's the reason we are on this planet. The ultimate question at the end of your life is "How much did you expand your capacity to give and receive love?

Number Three is "The portal to love is the heart" - which is much more powerful than our brain and is in fact the master control centre.

Our task is not to create love but to remove all the blocks to experiencing it. Of course EFT can help us to do that and Marci is actually a great fan of it. Amazing things can then happen when we live in that state of love.

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