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Looking After Money

I thought it was great when Kathleen Ann invited me to join her in presenting a virtual workshop series on helping people have breakthroughs around money.  It starts next Tuesday March 8th and so as Kathleen is a certified coach in a specific process to help people change their relationship money I have been studying the contents of the course – and learning a lot!

I’m discovering that while I don’t have the anxiety around money that I used to have, because I am debt free and money seems to flow in when I need it – and obviously feel pretty happy about that -  I’m not paying much attention to it in a positive way.  The universal law of attraction dictates that you draw to you what you focus on.  If you focus on not having enough, or how bad you feel at being in so much debt, you act as a magnet that attracts more of the same.

On the other hand looking after the money you do have in a positive way serves to send out the message that you are ready for even more to look after.  I thought I would pose some questions for you to ask yourself to see if you are paying enough attention.

Do you know exactly where you are at with your finances, tracking income and expenses?

Do you know in which categories your money is being spent?

Do you know where you could save money?

Do you have money goals – income, investment and savings?

Have you examined where you might be giving away your power with money – beliefs, habits and emotions?

Do you know what your boundaries are around money?

Are you holding on to negative reactions to past money failures?

Have you examined where your beliefs around money came from?

Do you have a plan in place for paying off your debt?

Do you focus daily on being grateful for what you do have? (The feeling of gratitude is a magnet to money).

Do you spend money to try to escape negative emotions?

Do you value yourself in each financial transaction?

Do you speak positively about money?

I think that’s enough to keep you going for now!  If you want any help in moving through these questions check out the workshop here.

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