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Freedom from Anxiety & Stress

What a wonderful day I spent yesterday with an amazing group of people who were committed to creating change in their relationship with themselves and their relationship to life. It was the first time I have used Matrix Reimprinting in a group setting and I discovered how very powerful it is as I watched people transforming in front of my eyes. We enjoyed ourselves too - my current research project for myself is on enjoyment and how I can enjoy myself more and help other people enjoy their life more. It's a great project!

It became obvious as the day unfolded how our beliefs about ourselves create anxiety. Feeling like an outsider, different, unwanted, not good enough, inadequate, unworthy, unloved, unable to speak out, undeserving - all are beliefs which came from our conditioning and all, happily,can be undone. And instead of anxiety we can create love, peace, joy, harmony, optimism and aliveness. Watching this transformation happening in the moment was a profound and priveleged experience.

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