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Food Matters

Last week I enjoyed a two day yoga retreat with my friend Jane Kagan - what a wonderfully relaxing and nurturing environment she creates and how amazing it is what transformation can be brought about in 2 days.  I came home feeling clear and grounded with my body "ironed out".  What a different world it would be if we all had 2 days like that every month or two!

One evening we watched the film "Food Matters" which is devoted to exposing how we're being led astray by the food and pharmaceutical industries - and especially how we're being drugged by food as well as by what we normally know of as drugs.  And happily the film also offers solutions in the form of lifestyle changes.  The premise of the film is that you are what you eat and I was taken with the suggestion that one quarter of what you eat keeps you alive while three quarters keeps your doctor alive!

Having been a naturopath for many years I very much agree that you are what you eat and suggest you visit the films website which contains a great deal of useful information to support you in either regaining optimum health or maintaining it.  You can also watch some of the film.

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