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Focus is What Brings Results

I’m on the countdown to an adventure trip in Eastern Europe and my trip notes suggest climbing stairs every day carrying a brick in your backpack and say walking sticks are highly recommended.  I had planned to spend the past three months getting fit but it didn’t quite work out how I planned.  I had a problem with my back appear at the beginning of January which has really affected my health and my ability to exercise.  However,  having a strenuous trip planned gave me a great incentive to take action – and to focus on improving my fitness.

Wherever your focus is, that is where energy goes.  Notice where your focus is at any particular moment – is it on being angry or being loving, thinking positively or negatively, complaining or praising because whatever you focus on increases.  I decided I needed to put my focus firmly on my health and fitness and make that a priority.  And I have to confess to being surprised at how my body has responded to this focus – I’ve been doing Pilates and I can currently do some exercises easily that I couldn’t even do at all 2 weeks ago.

The trouble is it isn’t that easy to focus.  We get distracted, go off course, forget to pay attention – and then get upset that the desired results are not forthcoming - so here are a few hints on how to stay focussed.

  1. Make a deliberate decision about what you want to focus on, what you want the results to be and why you want that.
  2. This is a moment by moment thing - you need to focus on whatever it is you want as soon as you wake up in the morning and you need to return to this focus regularly throughout the day.
  3. In order to keep your attention on what you want to create set reminders – put signs up at home (mine are in the bedroom, on the bathroom mirror and in front of the kitchen sink), set a reminder in Outlook or an alarm on your phone.  Do whatever it takes to remind you to focus on what it is you want to achieve.

If you keep focussing and keep taking action the results could well show up faster than you thought as mine have done.

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