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Earth Changes and Love

This is a great article from Jo Dunning that I wanted to share with you all. It is time now my friends, to join together in a unified effort on behalf of Japan and Australia and the many other areas of our world which are now, or will soon be experiencing the very amazing and sometimes difficult challenges of Awakening. Sometimes these challenges arrive as Earth Changes, sometimes as the courage to demand freedom and sometimes quietly and privately in our own homes and hearts. However the events arrive in your life, we all deserve great love and support as we move through our transformation.

To assist each person, I will be offering a special program of energy work and support during this amazing time. It will be offered for free this Thursday, March 17th on my regular World Puja, Abundance broadcast at and will be available as a replay recording for an additional 24 hours.

This is our time now. The time we have come here to experience, serve and Awaken. It is the moment, now, when we can step forward in the great and profound ways in which we are capable.

We have within us a magnificent power to heal, calm, support and uplift ourselves and all around us. This power is part of our birthright and it is Awakening in each of us as our world transforms. Use your loving care, your intention and focus your attention on the peace, joy and Awakening you desire for everyone.

When ever you experience thoughts of concern or worry about your well being or the well being of others, replace that thought with a feeling, thought or image of peace and comfort. Indiviudally we have great opportunities to influence our life and that of our world. Together, we become a powerful force for change, harmony and Awakening.

Take this opportunity now to become the true leader and wise Being that you truly long to become. Step in to the roles of leadership for your family, friends and co-workers. Model the loving strength, calm focus and grounded actions which can support love and Awakening. Reach out to each other in the ways you already know to serve and support.

Become NOW all that you have thought you might become in the future. The time is now. The changes are happening. And the energy is here to support our Awakening and the Awakening of our planet.

Jo DunningJo Dunning has worked many years in education and has received graduate degrees in psychology and education. She has been featured on radio and television and is a favoured speaker at conferences. She has an unusual ability to work with energy and is often admired for her great healing abilities as well as the clear and easy manner in which she can discuss and simplify even the most complex ideas in spirituality, psychology, consciousness and personal growth.

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