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Do You Ignore Your Intuition?

Do You Ignore Your Intuition?

Einstein said "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant."  Yet in our society we seem to honour the servant, and are so busy we simply don't have time to listen to the gift. Einstein also declared that his success was the result of intuition, what he called his "inner knowing". 

I am still awed at the fact that I found my way to the very doctor in Australia who knows most about the disease that I have, has treated thousands of people and first wrote a book about it back in 1984. The general medical profession still hasn't caught up with him.  

The question I asked myself was how on earth did I manage to get to him?  And when I tracked back I found that indirectly it was through listening to my intuition.  I was laying on the sofa one afternoon feeling pretty ill when this voice inside me said I needed to go to my friend's meditation evening, which was in just a couple of hours. 

I felt too ill to go, didn't want to drive, in fact really didn't want to move from the sofa, and anyway I hadn't been for a while so didn't see why I should go now. And yet I felt this really strong urge to go - which I didn't understand at all. I finally decided I needed to listen and dragged myself off the sofa.  I had to go. And it was that evening that put in train a whole sequence of events which finally led to my receiving an answer, both to what I was suffering from and what to do about it.  

I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't listened and followed up.  Fortunately I have developed a very strong connection to my intuition and have learned to trust it, both in my work and in my personal life.  

What is your relationship with your intuition?  It's something that everyone has, everyone can access, and is one of our most valuable resources.  But the question is whether you listen to it, trust it, and follow it.  How often have you had a hunch about something, and completely ignored it?

Our intuition speaks to us in different ways - as a hunch, an inner knowing, a burst of energy or clarity, a voice in the head, a flash of intuition, awareness of synchronicity. It brings us information that we might not normally be in touch with.  If you learn to be quiet and listen, you will start to hear messages about all manner of things that make your life easier.  As I described above, your intuition can take you to places you need to be, and help you make decisions that may not appear logical, but have very beneficial outcomes.  

There are two challenges with this - being able to distinguish this inner guidance from other feelings and fears, and then acting on it instead of ignoring it. But you can develop it by acting on your inner guidance and getting feedback.  Watch whether you get a particular sensation in a distinct area of your body, or whether you hear a recognisable voice.  Here is some tapping to help you:

     Even though I'm not always sure whether it is my intuition I'm listening to, I choose to learn how to distinguish it.

     Even though I'm afraid to act on my inner knowing, in case it's wrong, I choose to learn how to trust from the feedback. 

You might be too busy to hear your own inner voice:

     Even though I don't give myself the chance to be quiet and listen, I deeply and      completely accept myself.

Perhaps you hear it quite distinctly, but ignore it:

     Even though I ignore my knowing....

     Even though I dismiss the hunches that I have....

Or doubts, or the dreaded analysis paralysis sets in:

     Even though I allow doubts to interfere with acting on my intuition...

     Even though I agonise over making a decision...

     Even though I don't trust my gut feelings, and try to make a logical, rational decision instead...

So whenever you have a decision to make, no matter in what area, check with your inner knowing - it can be of great assistance in leading you in the right direction:

     I choose to spend quiet time listening to my inner guidance.

     I choose to be guided to be in the right place and at the right time.

     I choose to honour my intuition.  

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