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Achieving Potential

I was given a whole new sense of what achieving your potential is about today. As a citizen of Canada Bay and as a member of Communities for Communities ( I had the privelege of attending one of the most magical places in our community - Lucas Gardens School ( which caters for students with intellectual and physical disabilities. It was both their open day and the opening of a special playground and what an amazing day it was.

A model of educational excellent the children are encouraged to meet their potential and prizes were awarded for many different achievements - nodding a head to signal a reply, taking steps towards walking, making eye contact and increasing language skills. Each child was recognised for their own individual progress this year. And everyone took part in two creative performances. It was humbling to see dedicated teachers and courageous students showing us what can be achieved and wonderful to be able to celebrate it.

Let us also celebrate each step that we ourselves make as individuals towards who we are capable of being and what we are capable of doing.

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